Six Seats in Nugget Campervan – Ford Nugget Six Pax (2021)

Six Seats in Nugget Campervan - Ford Nugget Six Pax (2021)

Mother, father, child, child, child, child – this is what the camping crew in the Ford Nugget Six Pax could look like. The nugget forge has come up with something new after the Ford Nugget Cross from last year. After the campervan with a racer look, there is now a little novelty that is suitable for families.

The "Six Pax" is the latest invention from Nugget-Schmiede.

© Nugget forge
The “Six Pax” is the latest invention from Nugget-Schmiede.

Compact campervan with 6 seat belts

The new special version or special accessories for the Ford Nugget, which the Nugget forge has come up with, can offer up to six seats. And not just five as standard. This campervan with a pop-top roof is therefore suitable as a holiday companion for a family with four children or if other children are often taken along in everyday life. If the little ones are, for example, in a football or gymnastics club or if you want to take the neighborhood children with you on a Sunday outing, this is the perfect vehicle.

The thing works with a two-seater bench instead of the passenger seat. That in itself would not be anything special, because a two-seater bench is also available ex works for the Transit Custom van. But the nugget forge has just managed to develop a rotating console with a partner. This means that the two-seater bench can also be rotated, even though the battery and electrical system are installed in the console. The bank is now officially approved and can be ordered from the nugget forge when buying a Ford Nugget. In a family-friendly way, there is an Isofix attachment for child seats.

Proven nugget floor plan

However, the vehicle has a small drawback. Nevertheless, the camper offers sleeping places the standard version of the Ford Nugget only four. If you want to go camping with a full crew, you need another tent for two children for the holiday. Nevertheless, the nugget equipped in this way could prove itself to families. Because: The model is probably the best-selling camper in this class after the VW California. This is not least due to the lower price of the Ford Transit Custom and the successful floor plan concept.

The floor plan looks as follows: The seating area can be converted into a bed for two, the pop-up roof opens to the rear. This creates enough headroom in the rear so that you can cook upright in the L-shaped kitchen. There is another bed for two in the pop-up roof. We have tested it extensively here.


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