so Vox finalizes the motion

so Vox finalizes the motion

Time of presentation of the motion in the registry. (EFE)

Time of presentation of the motion in the registry. (EFE)

Next Wednesday the motion of no confidence will be debated. Vox advanced in late July. The objective of removing Pedro Sánchez from Moncloa will not be fulfilled – it will be, except for surprise, the motion least supported since 1978 – but the party aspires to become the true alternative to the coalition government of PSOE and United We Can and portray a PP that has already advanced that it will not support an initiative doomed to failure. The presidential candidate will be its leader, Santiago Abascal, while the person in charge of defending it will be Ignacio Garriga, his candidate for the Catalan Generalitat. The deputy for Barcelona entrusts himself to the Holy Spirit so that everything goes well and to the preparatory work so that nothing fails in his speech.

“[Son días] intense. This looks like an opposition to notary, male. I prepare things in a very stoic way: with timetables, setting blocks, ideas … “, explains Garriga from Barcelona, ​​who is used to coming and going from Barcelona to the Congress of Deputies on the same day since he was representative in the Cortes, although this week he chooses to spend it in the capital because the occasion deserves it. “I will settle in on Monday and will spend the week there. Soccer player concentration roll“.

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He says that he is working seven hours a day exclusively in the preparation of the censure motion for his role in defending it, the same role that Alfonso Guerra played in the first one that was presented after the Franco regime. “I have an established schedule here in Barcelona to get up very early, take the children to school when I can and then I would lock myself in the office that we have at headquarters for about four hours in the morning. Then I would eat with my wife, which is important, and another three hours. Especially reading, writing and rewriting, “says Garriga, who admits that he is training his voice because he is not used to such long speeches.

The deputy assures that he does not resort to energy drinks so that his eyes do not fall while the text is being prepared, although he admits to being very coffee grower. A cut for breakfast and from there coffee alone, “long if it can be.”

The motion aims to be, with 52 yeses, the one that receives the least support since the restoration of democracy in Spain and has been criticized by PP and Ciudadanos as a useless instrument that only serves to make noise and spend public money. Garriga is convinced, however, that he will be able to justify the presentation of the initiative with his speech. So much so that the bulk of the speech is his, although the training advisers have helped shape it: “I have prepared everything myself. We work with a party team, but I have the last word“, says the leader, who is part of the direction of training.

I settle in on Monday and will spend the week there. Soccer player concentration roll

The presidential candidate, Abascal, also writes his own speeches, as explained by the party, although sources consulted by this means avoid giving details about their preparation. Garriga points out that if he seeks to outline all the reasons that lead them to present the motion, the Vox leader will be the one who presents the other way: “The alternative will be above all the speech of Santiago”. The party has tried since the formation of the current Executive to portray itself as the true opposition instead of the PP.

The Catalan deputy estimates that he will have meetings to retouch his text until the day before, on Tuesday morning, but prefers not to be reviewing until the last moment. “On Tuesday I am clear that I am going to disconnect. I will go to the Cerro de los Angeles (Getafe, Madrid). What better place than to be at the foot of the Sacred Heart and its ‘I will reign in Spain’? Rest, disconnect and relax… It doesn’t make sense that the day before is there… I’ve already done the work. Today [con relación al viernes] I finish doing some little things and on Monday too, but that’s it. On Tuesday to rest, “outlines the leader of Vox, who will have to comply with the restrictions of the state of alarm in the capital, unless they are lifted before the motion.

“On Wednesday I will have a normal breakfast and I will entrust myself to the Holy Spirit to enlighten me in the exposition of the reasons and say the things that I have to say. I will look at the sky and ask for help from my mother, who died three weeks ago and who was the main responsible for inoculating me with the political virus “, Garriga explains in a telephone conversation with this medium and admits that he had never thought of starring in something like this and that he is nervous about the motion: “I would be irresponsible if I didn’t have them”.


The team of the Catalan representative advances that he will wear a tie that his brother, Pablo, will give him. Another fashionable element that has been incorporated into the wardrobe in recent months is the mask. Abascal has carried different types with insignia of the Armed Forces or the Civil Guard. “Santiago has had more contact with the Army or the Civil Guard, so he has more access. I almost always wear surgical. I’m not going to do a show. ”

The clothes chosen for that day, he explains, will not be imposed by party advisers. “The dress is up to me. Of course, with the best advisor one can have, what is the womanIn this sense, he also has good judgment. ”

Vox has been accused of taking advantage of the motion of censure to promote his candidate in the Catalan elections in February, although he denies it: “I will speak of Catalonia, but not in that key, but because it is the first government to set a dialogue table that it is a table of treason “, argues the man chosen by Abascal for the big events in the region: deputy for Barcelona in the General Elections, candidate for the Barcelona City Council —without success— and now head of the list for the Government. The recent announcement by the Government that it will process the pardons of the ‘procés’ prisoners and the reform of the crime of sedition have partially returned to focus on the territorial crisis.

I want a speech with clear things, without grandiloquent things

Garriga advances a “long” speech of more than 40 minutes in which he will apparently confirm the turnaround of the formation in its attempt to capitalize on social discontent: “I want a speech with clear things, without grandiloquent things. It is to give a voice to the Spanish in the street, to those of the ERTE … From you to you, direct“, affects from Barcelona. Attempts to dispute the traditional left vote have intensified with the crisis. The clearest and most recent is the launch of a union, Solidaridad.

The presentation of the motion of censure does not seem to be electorally weighing down those of Abascal. The latest barometer of Sociological Research Center (CIS) gives them a rise of eight tenths to 12.5% ​​of voting intention, which allows them to stay with the third place. It is also true that the PP cuts the gap with the PSOE to 11.9 points after reaping the same rise as Vox compared to the September poll.

After communicating at the end of July its intention to present an initiative to overthrow Sánchez in September, the party hurried until the penultimate day of the month to present it and it will be debated 22 days after entering the registry. Except for a capital surprise, it will become the fourth motion that fails in Spain, in the last 42 years, of the five presented.


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