Soon a sequel for “Enola Holmes” (Netflix)?

Soon a sequel for

On September 23, Netflix unveiled “Enola Holmes”, which centers on the sister of famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The feature film, worn by Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”), Henry Cavill (“Superman”), Helena Bonham Carter (“Harry Potter”) and Sam Claflin (“Hunger Games”), is already in talks for a franchise. .

Adapted from Nancy Springer’s detective novels, the adventure and investigation film was previously intended for theaters. Produced by Legendary Company, “Enola Holmes” was redirected, health crisis requires, to the streaming platform. A godsend for Netflix since the film is still in the Top 10 of the most watched programs.

This isn’t the first or last time that Netflix has embarked on the franchise. Recently, «Tyler Rake» with Chris Hemsworth had caused a sensation.

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If Netflix has not yet confirmed a sequel, plot level, there will be choices. In fact, Nancy Springer’s series of novels consists of six volumes, the first of which inspired the film. Can we expect six “Enola Holmes” films? Mystery…

What is already certain is the enthusiasm of the young Millie Bobby Brown, lead actress and producer of the film. She told Entertainment Weekly, “As soon as I got on set and played Enola, I fell in love with her. She has become a part of my heart. In the end, this is my favorite part of my life. So to start all over would be a dream. ”

“Patience” will be the keyword for the next few weeks. Netflix has yet to confirm a sequel. And if there is, the filming will not be able to be done for a long time. At issue: coronavirus pandemic and cohesion of agendas.

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Thanks to its dynamism, its ingenious police investigations, its casting and its feminist messages, “Enola Holmes” is a Victorian epic in tune with the times and which will interest the whole family.

To (re) discover the film, go to Netflix. The teaser :


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