Spicy message from Nati Jota to Bruno Siri and Ivana Nadal

Spicy message from Nati Jota to Bruno Siri and Ivana Nadal

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The romance between Ivana Nadal and Bruno Siri generated a strong controversy over the link of the brunette with Nati Jota.

But far from generating a scandal, the influencer and journalist he took his role in this story with humor and shared a spicy tweet in which he makes a clear reference to the courtship.

“Once I saved a kid as” love “in my contacts. FOUR DAYS OF MEETING US. He also me. And you know? Later we were dating. AWWWWWW. And you know? Then he left me and got with Ivana Nadal DO NOT BE INTENSE NEVER DOES NOT SERVE IT IS NOT THERE. JAAAAAAAAAAAA “, said the blonde who generated a strong impact on Twitter.

Then Nati had to go out to clarify the reason why she made this post and referred directly to her ex. “I am not going to speak ill of someone I was with. I had a relationship that taught me a lot and I will always appreciate who was part of it. I made a joke about myself, if there was any doubt. All my life I laughed at it. What happened to me, is not going to be the exception now. I love you bye, “he shot.


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