Staggered hours at school and smarter working: the indications of the Cts

Staggered hours at school and smarter working: the indications of the Cts

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AGI – Staggered admissions for high schools and universities, incentives for smart working, involvement of doctors and paediatricians to speed up the tampon system, interventions on local public transport. These are some of the indications provided by the Technical Scientific Committee after today’s meeting to counter the growth of infections.

The CTS “remarks the current one uncertainty related to epidemiological aspects correlated to the circulation and transmission of the virus, despite the awareness that, currently, the outbreaks are mainly within families “.

The experts underline “the need to maximize attention on strict compliance with prevention measures and trust in the correct implementation” of the proposals made. Starting from “staggered hours for entry in the presence of university students and secondary schools”.

Public transport criticality

While “an important criticality is represented by the local public transport which does not seem to have adapted to the renewed needs, despite the fact that the CTS highlighted the need for reorganization since last April, encouraging a different mobility with the active involvement of local institutions and mobility managers “.

An “absolute and rigorous control action is required on the measures already indicated several times by the CTS and subject to the regulations currently in force (eg. Spacing, prevention of gatherings, obligation to use the mask in commercial and catering establishments) with an intensification of vigilance and law enforcement actions that must be made easier in their possibility of adoption (eg obligation to post the maximum number of customers that can be accommodated in the exercises) “.

Encourage smart working

The CTS recommends the consistency of the limitation already provided for by the regulations in force relating to the maximum number of people who can share the same table within the restaurant, but above all it emphasizes the “absolute need for timely diagnosis, monitoring and effective contact tracing through the involvement of general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice, through active recruitment actions by strengthening the diagnostic systems (eg drive-in) “.

Finally, proposed the “strengthening of local medicine, possibly with the support of the national civil protection system”, and the “incentive for smart working in both the public and private sectors“, in addition to the” temporary limitation to the use of events with a large audience (eg congresses, fairs, etc.) and other spontaneous or otherwise organized gatherings of people “.


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