Store owner reacts and kills three thieves in Sorocaba

Store owner reacts and kills three thieves in Sorocaba

A security camera recorded the moment when the owner of a clothing store reacted to an assault and shot and killed three criminals. In the images, it is possible to see that the three men pretend to choose products in the store, until the moment when one of them draws a gun and announces the assault. After a brief discussion, the store owner pulls out a gun under his shirt and shoots the three thieves.

Video: Accused of stealing in supermarket is referred to the Civil Police Station (Dailymotion)

According to information from the local newspaper Cruzeiro do Sul, the robbery took place last Wednesday afternoon (6) in the Jardim São Guilherme neighborhood, north of Sorocaba. The newspaper reports that two of the assailants died inside the store. The third, although injured, tried to escape, but fell on the sidewalk in front of the scene and died.

At Cruzeiro do Sul, the police informed that the store had already been robbed at other times.


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