Surprise, tears and a great tribute

Surprise, tears and a great tribute


The gala yesterday at the Singing It was unforgettable and full of surprises. Natalia Oreiro, burst onto the track to accompany Jey Mammón and Carla del Huerto in the trio. “I’m very happy. It’s super strong to get out of the house and come to such a happy place“, expressed the singer.

Upon hearing this, the Uruguayan told how the call was: “When Jey told me ‘che, do you copás?’, They gave me hellish desire and total fear.” To which the actor and comedian related: “At first he said no, and then he was thinking about it, and I said ‘how good because I had already decreed it'”. He also said that Natalia it was a while before Singing “To have a little fun with us, she got re-involved, she’s a genius.”

“I am very grateful for this tribute, although the word sounds a bit strong to me,” she commented. Oreiro with his characteristic humility. And he added beautiful words to Jey: “It’s the best. We had a story (laughs). I always liked him a lot, he is very talented, Estelita always loved me. And you saw when there is someone who has a good vibe”.

“I love the four juries. Well for Karina the Little Princess I have total love, she knows that I love her songs, “he continued.

“I love cumbia. When I was going to dance in Uruguay I would go to a place that is no longer there, which was a place of Uruguayan cumbia, but also Colombian. I always liked Argentine cumbia a lot, my fanaticism is known for Gilda”He added Oreiro.

While Karina assured: “I feel a lot of admiration. We have come across Natalia when she was doing the Only You strip. I didn’t know her personally and I really liked her songs and she has been a very good companion ”.

“I was very nervous and that day she came to the dressing room, greeted me and made me feel very contained. It seems to me that beyond being a great artist, international and all, she shows with her actions the humility that she has when coming here. With his presence he filled us all. She is a very good and warm companion, so she deserves our admiration and respect ”, she closed with tears in her eyes.


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