Sustainability indicators for Argentine meat are promoted

Sustainability indicators for Argentine meat are promoted

15 years ago they decided to bet on livestock to take advantage of the corn that should be included in the rotation.

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15 years ago they decided to bet on livestock to take advantage of the corn that should be included in the rotation.

The Argentine Roundtable for Sustainable Meat (MACS) is working on defining a set of indicators that will allow to measure and evaluate the impact of the production processes -in the entire supply chain- on social, economic and environmental aspects.

From the MACS they maintain: “We do not seek to be certifiers or auditors, but to establish guidelines joint action in meat production. We want new members to join, participate and get involved in the design of the indicators, and go out into the world all together, with the same sustainable production guidelines ”.

These indicators that are being developed are constituted according to the following principles: animal health and welfare, efficiency and innovation, people and community, food and natural resources.

“We are convinced that the more sectors and actors join, the better we can demonstrate our commitment to achieving sustainability in meat production, contributing to the long-term viability of the industry”, Assured the president of the MACS, Federico Baiocchi.

The MACS is part of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef or Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) which currently has national or multisectoral initiatives in different countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, the United States, Europe, China, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

“Being part of the MACS allows you to integrate the discussion forums of the beef chain where global sustainability goals are being set. for the next 10 years, with a special focus on carbon balance, land use change, animal welfare and responsible use of antimicrobials, ”said Baiocchi.

On the other hand, he added that “from this Association, members can provide solutions to the chain to work on the impacts of the activity; to present innovations in inputs, services and the development of new lines of financing for sustainable livestock; besides being a opportunity to promote efficiency and sustainability policies and initiatives for the sector ”.

The MACS is also focused on developing a Strategic plan for the next few years, which “will allow establishing the goals to be pursued to achieve a sustainable beef value chain.”

With the objective of that Argentine beef be recognized worldwide as a sustainable, reliable and quality product, MACS is focused on positioning the industry as a benchmark for a socially and environmentally responsible, and economically viable value chain, oriented to the incipient current consumer demand.

Who is part of the MACS

The Table brings together producers, organizations, companies and entities. Among the formally adhered members are representatives of supermarkets and restaurants, processors and refrigeration industry, providers of supplies and services, producers and associations of producers, organizations environmental and of society in general.

From the MACS they consider that “today more than ever the local and global market is becoming aware of what the consumer demands information specifies the manner and conditions in which food is produced, processed and distributed; and how this affects the social, environmental and economic aspects “.

They take it as a fact, and from the MACS they work to “position and strengthen the quality and reliability of the Argentine product, not only for its taste and nutritional value, but for being produced in a sustainable way. ”


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