Suzuki Ignis vs Renault Kwid

Suzuki Ignis vs Renault Kwid

Head to Head: Suzuki Ignis vs Renault Kwid

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Head to Head: Suzuki Ignis vs Renault Kwid

Some previous antecedents …

The Suzuki Ignis and the Renault Kwid are two of the most popular city vehicles available today in the national market and let’s clarify one of the premises of these models. To be considered an “A” segment vehicle better known as a “City Car” is that it does not exceed 3.7 meters in length.

This face to face has a disparity in price, but not in concept, both have special characteristics that make them the favorites of the segment, for example the Suzuki Ignis offers the option of automatic transmission, which Renault Kwid does not have, we analyze the top versions range of both vehicles, the version GLX Aut for the one of Japanese origin and the version Outsider for the French car.

In the offer in Mexico of vehicles in this segment there are other options such as Chevrolet Beat which measures 3.63 meters or the FIAT Mobi whose length is 3.59 meters.

There are some others that compete in the price range, but they no longer belong to Segment “A”, let’s review the list where we find segment B cars (more than 3.75 meters long) and let’s start with the Ford Figo, a hatchback that for price could be considered a contender, there is also the Nissan March whose point in favor is that it is the cheapest option in the national market and finally another veteran of the market that is in the price range; he VW Gol.

The contenders

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Price: $ 279,990.00 (MXN)

Born in Japan with the XXI Century and it was marketed until 2008 in several countries with the Chevrolet emblem. We had to wait until the 2015 Geneva Motor Show to see the second generation of this car, where the concept called Suzuki iM-4 was unveiled, which would show us the almost definitive forms of the Ignis, which was presented in 2016, arrived in Mexico in 2018 and recently received a slight aesthetic renovation.

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Price: $ 208,200.00 (MXN)

The first times that the name Kwid passed through our ears was in 2014 in the New Delhi Lounge, where Renault presented a futuristic concept car, and where it made it very clear that cars for emerging markets did not have to be lacking in novel proposals, to the extent that the Kwid offered an integrated “Drone” so that the driver could check the terrain with the device flying in advance. It arrived in Mexico in the second quarter of 2019 and has been a best seller thanks to the price and equipment mix.


Motor4 Cyl. 1.2 Liters3 Cyl. 1.0 Liter
Power (HP / RPM)82 / 6,00066 / 5,500
Torque83 / 4,20069 / 4,250
TransmissionCVT (Evaluated version)5-shift manual

Obviously in this area the Suzuki offers the best numbers of power and torque, now let’s analyze the measurements and weight


Largo (mm)3,7003,680
Ancho (mm)1,6901,570
Alto (mm)1,5951,470
Dist. wheelbase (mm)2,4352,422
Weight kg)895764
Trunk capacity (dm3)271 to 503 (After downed)290 and 1110 (After shot down)
Rim / rim sizeP.175 / 60 R / 16 AlloyP.165 / 70 R / 14 Steel


Suzuki Ignis

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  • 7 “touch screen
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility
  • Rear view camera
  • Programmable air conditioning
  • 60-40% folding rear seat
  • Electric lifts (Front and Rear)

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Renault Kwid

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  • 7 “touch screen
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility
  • Air conditioning
  • 100% folding rear seat
  • Electric lifts (front only)
  • Eco Coaching Assistant


Suzuki Ignis

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While the Ignis is not a bullet, nor does it offer sudden reactions, the accelerations are constant and even, the low weight – less than a ton – helps a lot. The CVT does its job in a dignified way, that is, it does not detract from the performance of the Ignis, although I have to be frank, I was left wanting to handle the manual version, which if I’m not mistaken Suzuki does not offer it in the top version of spectrum.

The work of the suspension scheme is also at the height of the segment, and in some conditions even above, since the short wheelbase and maneuverability invites us to find a niche in city traffic, yes, if the surface is not completely smooth, that wheelbase that makes it maneuverable, it does too very nervous when the floor is not even, so if the surface is not good, it is better to drive a little more slowly.

The communication with the bearing is complete, the turning diameter and the high driving posture invite us to commit some audacity in parking maneuvers, of which we leave ahead, I insist The strong card of the Ignis is its size, small on the outside, but well thought out and spacious on the inside.

Renault Kwid

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Starting the route in the city, the Kwid behaves in a clearly predictable way, the clutch pedal is soft and you have to get used to its travel a little, lhe accelerations in city traffic are constant and thanks to the overall size it becomes agile and invites you to look for nooks and crannies in the vehicular flow, the three-cylinder engine makes a hoarse sound, very characteristic of odd configurations and the strokes of the lever are long to my liking but precise, the changes can be made from very low revolutions, in fact there is a light on the dashboard that suggests that we make the change of ratio, whether it is upward or downward depending on the case.

On the road things change a bit, up to 110 or 115 km / h the Kwid handles with aplomb, but above those averages, the lightness, dimensions and height begin to charge the bill and sometimes exceeding 120 km / h it begins to float requiring much more concentration in handling It is necessary to correct the course that becomes erratic, especially if there is a lot of turbulence found in the vehicular flow caused by vehicles of greater volume.


ABS brakesSerialSerial
Front AirbagsFROMFROM
Side AirbagsN/DFROM
Fittings for child seatsANDN/D
Electronic brake distributionANDAND
ESP (Stability Control)N/DN/D


This item is always controversial because the manufacturers give us some “official” performance and consumption figures that under normal conditions it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to achieve, especially if the vehicle’s habitat is at high altitudes, for example our tests are made at more than 2,200 meters above sea level.

The strongest card of both contenders in this one face to face is precisely a good performance and the high mileage offered for each liter consumed, below we share a comparative table with the “official” consumption and those that we obtained in similar routes, loading in the same gas station and with a similar distance of 200 kilometers where we find urban traffic, we also circulate by road and highway.

Consumption Comb. Cd / Motorway – Km x LiterOfficialReal Gasoline
SUZUKI IGNIS21.915.9Magna 87 Octane
RENAULT KWID20.917.5Magna 87 Octane


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As we have commented from the beginning, this Head to Head has disparities -such as the price of one brand and the other, and in power items there is also a notable disparity-

The Suziki Ignis offers an option with automatic transmission – which is the version we evaluate – and is priced at $279,990.00 (MXN)It is larger and has more comfort equipment, having a slightly larger engine and being heavier, its consumption is higher than that of its opponent, it has good finishes and in the area that does not stand out well is the passive safety, as it only has two frontal airbags.

Points in favor: Suzuki Ignis

  • Style and design
  • Habitability

Points against: Suzuki Ignis

  • The price makes it compete with vehicles of another segment and power
  • Has no ESP

The Renault Kwid does not offer an automatic option, the evaluated version is the top of the range and its price is $208,200.00 (MXN)It is much smaller in dimensions than its competitor and that can work in its favor in terms of maneuverability. Passive safety – in addition to its low consumption – is a strong card of the model.

Points in favor: Renault Kwid

  • Price, it is one of the lowest in the segment
  • Security

Points against: Renault Kwid

  • There is no version with automatic transmission
  • Unstable at high speed


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