Sven Martinek’s ex wants to emigrate – for her sick son

Sven Martinek's ex wants to emigrate - for her sick son

actress Xenia Seeberg (53) currently lives with son Philip-Elias, known as Philias (15), on Mallorca. But now it should go a few thousand kilometers away. The new destination is Thailand, as the 53-year-old tells “”.

Xenia Seeberg: Sven Martinek's ex wants to emigrate - for her sick son

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Xenia Seeberg: Sven Martinek’s ex wants to emigrate – for her sick son

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In the decision, however, not only the love for the Asian country plays a role, but also Philias’ health. He can obviously get a protracted growth disorder under control there much better.

Sven Martinek is not only the father of Philias, but also of the twins Clara and Marie. In the video below you can see the two women:

Xenia Seeberg moves to Thailand with his son Philias

At “” reports Xenia Seeberg: “We were in Thailand for an Ayurveda cure from January to March. After that, Philias had a growth spurt. He has grown ten centimeters in the last eight months. Now he is 1.56 meters tall!”

Philias, son of Xenia with Sven Martinek (56), according to the report, has been suffering from a growth disorder since he was three years old, which has since been treated at the Berlin Charité. Mother Xenia speaks of “physical and psychological problems that are mutually dependent”. The “unable to grow and the unwilling to grow” run “parallel” in Philias.

Philias raves about Thailand and its people

In the interview with mother and son it also becomes clear that Philias himself welcomes the Thailand idea very much. Philias, who caused a sensation with “The Voice Kids” and now has almost 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, enthuses: “Thailand is a place for me where I feel so incredibly comfortable and where my heart rises. I was also still in health never as good as there.“The people here are also” extremely nice and polite “and treat each other very respectfully.” The volume, the tone of voice and the way people are dealt with in general are much quieter and more relaxed than in Germany. “

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The exact time of Xenia Seeberg’s move is still open

Due to the global corona pandemic, it is not yet clear when the big plans will be implemented. Xenia also emphasizes that the change does not necessarily have to be permanent. “We are initially planning to stay in Thailand for about a year. After that, we might commute every six months.” Ultimately, the only thing that really matters is “that Philias can calmly take care of his health, happiness and growth.”

At least at school, the long journey into the distance shouldn’t mean any problems for the 15-year-old. He is already being taught online and even sees this as an advantage: “Learning online is much more efficient because you learn alone with the teacher. Your full concentration is only on one student. I have a lot of fun.”

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