Switzerland lists 2,823 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours

Switzerland lists 2,823 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours


Switzerland has 2,823 additional cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, according to figures released on Wednesday by the FOPH. The positivity rate is 13.63%. Eight additional deaths are to be deplored and 57 patients were hospitalized.

Since Tuesday, 20,704 tests have been recorded. The positivity rate stands at 13.63%, against 15.1% on Tuesday, and 11.44% on Monday. Over the last seven days, the total number of infections is 10,397. Over the past two weeks, the country has 176.4 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

Since the start of the pandemic, 68,704 cases of Covid-19 contamination have been confirmed in the laboratory out of a total of 1,536,725 tests carried out in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The total number of deaths is 1,816 and the number of people hospitalized reaches 5,167.

The country also counts 5,250 people in isolation and 11,093 individuals among their contacts have been quarantined. There are also 14,664 other people returning from a trip from a country at risk and who also had to go through quarantine.


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