Tamaulipas demands of AMLO equitable distribution of water

Tamaulipas demands of AMLO equitable distribution of water

The Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, demanded from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador equity in the distribution of water on the northern border, so as not to affect producers and industries in that region.

Tamaulipas demands of AMLO equitable distribution of water

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Tamaulipas demands of AMLO equitable distribution of water

In an act in Nuevo Laredo, he warned that although Mexico reached an agreement with the United States to pay for the water it owed, related to the 1944 Treaty, this could generate a problem in the irrigation district of the lower Rio Bravo (025), on which more than 70 thousand families depend.

“Now again we are entering a complex situation, now we are once again at risk, but now of not receiving water even for half irrigation for this 025 irrigation system, the entire area of ​​Matamoros, Valle Hermoso and Río Bravo” , he asserted.

“(It is one of) the most productive areas of the country. This can have a serious impact not only on crops, on farmers, but also on some other industries that depend on sorghum; this is going to seriously diminish and may affect the egg producers, meat producers, producers of other types of companies “.

When participating in an event to deliver urban infrastructure works, Cabeza de Vaca indicated that the lack of water for irrigation in that area of ​​Tamaulipas could even increase the prices of the basic food basket.

“That is why there we ask, Mr. President, for your support, your support, look, it is very difficult for us to be able to allow unequal treatment for our State, it is not a conflict between states, Mr. President, but an agreement that must be resolved by the Federation via Conagua, “he said.

“It is important that in compliance with the Mexican Constitution the guidelines are issued to guarantee the distribution corresponding to the cities and the agricultural productive sector, which is the livelihood of thousands of families; it is the law that must define the bases, support and modalities for access, as well as the equitable and sustainable use of water “.

The Governor stressed that the waters contained in the Rio Grande dams and its inflows are property of the Nation, they are not private property, for which he emphasized that they must be distributed equitably among all.

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Without mentioning names, he affirmed that there are public servants who intend to ignore their obligations in the matter and are endorsing a problem to the governors, even though they do not have legal or constitutional powers to address the issue.

“This is why the decisive intervention of the Government of Mexico is required, with this we could even solve a problem that affects several states. We do not want, Mr. President, to transfer a social problem from one state to another, it would not be convenient, it is not correct.

“We simply demand that the law be applied, establishing the right in the Rio Grande basin, that the volume used to comply with the 1944 Treaty can be replaced, that the volume that exists in the basin be distributed in an equitable and legal manner, to compensate economically the losses caused by the lack of water volume, “he said.

García Cabeza de Vaca affirmed that, in the case of Tamaulipas, they have been prudent and respectful with this issue, and have avoided politicizing it at all costs, unlike officials and even some opponents who confuse prudence with weakness.

“They do not understand that what we are doing is looking for a legal and equitable solution for the farmers of Tamaulipas, and let no one doubt, we are going to fight for legality, we are going to fight for our land,” he added.

“That is why, Mr. President, we ask for your intervention in order to resolve a water conflict that is definitely not just the one we have today, and that can be done through the corresponding adjustments. Above all, put order.”


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