Teacher sends nude photo to 7th grade students in Campinas

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An art teacher at the Gustavo Marcondes State School in Campinas (SP) sent a nude photo last Thursday (15) to some students from the 7th grade of elementary school. According to UOL, the man said he sent the image “by mistake”.

In addition to the image, the man wrote the phrase “good morning, naked. With chilled chocolate and naked body. Great rainy day for everyone ”. Soon after, several students left the group. The mother of one of the students said she was “very ashamed” after her daughter showed the image.

In a note, the teacher said he has been practicing naturism for 15 years and sent the photo to the wrong group. He also said that he communicated the school’s coordination shortly after realizing what had happened. “I just made a mistake that can even be used for a discussion on the topic,” he said.

The Department of Education said in a note that “as soon as it became aware of the case, it opened an investigation process and the teacher will be removed from his function”.


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