Teachers ask the communities not to give students a fail

Teachers ask the communities not to give students a fail

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The Independent Union of Public Education Teachers (ANPE) has asked the communities to reach an agreement to avoid being entitled to suspended matters, which “would further degrade the system”, after the approval of the royal decree of the Ministry of Education on urgent measures for the covid.

This is the decree endorsed this Thursday by Congress that allows communities to adapt the criteria for evaluation, promotion and qualification in Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate.

During the debate on the text, the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, stated that it is “simply false” that it can be titled in Secondary and Baccalaureate with suspensions as they had criticized him from the opposition and some unions and groups of the educational community.

According to Celaá, to title “it will be necessary to guarantee that the student has achieved the general objectives” of the corresponding stage.

Education “Demission”

In a statement, ANPE highlights that the ability to regulate promotion and qualification criteria is left in the hands of the communities, which it has described as Education “cessation of duties” the issuance of academic degrees is a state competence.

Therefore, ANPE asks the communities to reach an agreement to maintain the current promotion and qualification criteria set out in the Lomce, while criticizing “the message contrary to the values ​​of effort and merit of the students, which emanates from the own standard “.


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