Television: news channels are a hit

Television: news channels are a hit



For now, CNews’ push does not overshadow market leader BFMTV. But the 24-hour news channels that attract more and more audiences will pay the price for the fall in advertising during the lockdown.

Despite the virulent criticism of Jean-Jacques Bourdin, the star journalist of RMC and BFMTV, who point in Le Figaro the “drift” of the rise of opinion on the television sets, to the detriment, according to him, of journalistic information, the news channels continuously – in his viewfinder – are doing very well.

For now, the CNews push, increased in one year from 0.7% to 1.5% audience in September 2020, is not at the expense of BFMTV. The continuous news channel, the market leader, jumped from 2% to 2.5% over the same period. “Every day, 11.4 million French people came to learn about BFMTV, or 2.7 million more than in September 2019”, welcomes its parent company, Altice Media.

Video: 20,339 cases in 24 hours, positivity rate at 10.4% – 10/10 (BFMTV)

20,339 cases in 24 hours, positivity rate at 10.4% – 10/10



All with less advertising: over one year, according to Kantar Media, the time spent on advertising fell by nearly 20% in September, more than LCI (- 6%) and less than CNews (- 41%). The explanation is counter-intuitive and is not due to the Covid-19 crisis: news channels sell guaranteed audiences to their advertisers.

“If the audience increases, the channel needs to broadcast fewer spots to achieve the scores promised to advertisers, explains Nicolas Jaubert, the purchasing director of the Media-Com agency. This automatically reduces the advertising clutter at the antenna.” But the three months of confinement will weigh heavily on the results.

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