“Tell this to my two children …”


The dying mother managed to reach a bar and say her last words before she died, struck by the murderous fury of Aouissaoui Bahrain, the 21-year-old Tunisian bomber in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption in Nice. “Tell my children that I love them so much” she said to those who tried to help her in the bar located in rue d’Italie, a few meters from the cathedral where the massacre began. But those deep throat wounds gave her no escape and shortly after the 44-year-old died.


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The mother had accompanied the children to schoolAccording to the French media, the woman had just accompanied her two children at school and, before starting his day, he had decided to go to pray in the church on avenue Jean Médecin, the most beautiful in Nice, very similar in its architecture to the much more famous and well-known Notre-Dame of Paris. Vincent Loquès, the sacristan, had opened the doors shortly before, around 8.30, as he did every morning. The 44-year-old, before being hit by the fatal stab in the throat, saw the other two victims fall at her feet, a 70-year-old woman who was praying and was beheaded inside the cathedral, and the guardian of the church. The woman was struck by the murderous fury of the Tunisian but still managed to escape and gain the exit, going to take refuge in the bar adjacent to the place of worship. The wound inflicted by the Muslim, however, was deep and shortly after saying his last words, addressed to his children, the 44-year-old first fainted and then died.

The other two victimsThe other victim, the 70-year-old, was not even able to walk a few meters, she was almost beheaded in front of the holy water stoup. Perhaps the murderer at that moment was even more angry that the old woman had just made the sign of the cross. Many have remembered that woman, a parishioner very attached to her church and often present at religious services. There third victim he is the sacristan, a 55-year-old separated and father of two boys, one of 21 and the other of 25 years. The man, according to what was reconstructed, would have heard the screams and would have immediately rushed to see what was happening. But in front of him he found the Tunisian who shot him to death. The parishioners spoke of the man as a quiet person who had made the cathedral his home since 2013, the year he started serving in the Basilica. Previously he had worked in the church of Santa Giovanna D’Arco, in another district of the French city. Many knew Loquès, even the merchants of the area, one of the richest shops in Nice.

The boulevard connects Place Massena, the town center, to the train station. A doctor said: “I saw a boy running out of the church, he seemed possessed. After a few seconds, five or six policemen were chasing him in a garden next to the Cathedral. Then I heard four shots and I hid.” The owner of the bar where the mother sought refuge said he hoped that the woman would be saved but, as soon as she entered the door she was only able to say her last words to her children, before falling to the ground.


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