that day Princess Margaret made her cry

that day Princess Margaret made her cry

Sarah Ferguson: the day Princess Margaret made her cry

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Sarah Ferguson: the day Princess Margaret made her cry

In the 90s, Princess Margaret made Sarah Ferguson cry after photos of her in a funny pose with a man appeared in the press. We do not laugh with the honor of the family.

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You should never harm the Royal Family of England! If for a few years, it is Meghan Markle who is at the heart of the conflicts, before her, there was Lady Diana or Sarah Ferguson. Prince Andrew’s ex-wife who is 61 years old this October 15 quarreled with several members of the royal family after the publication of photos where we could see her in bad postures. There were first these pictures with her lover Steve Wyatt then those where the one who was nicknamed Fergie getting his toes licked by American businessman John Bryan.

The photos appeared in the press and caused controversy around the world … and in the royal family. It is since this scandal that Prince Philip refuses to be in the same room that, making only one exception for the wedding of Princess Eugenie, in 2018. However, the most violent charge comes from Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II. For be forgiven for these scandalous photosSarah Ferguson sent her a bouquet of flowers but received a letter in return that made her cry. A friendship was then broken!

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England’s family at the Royal Battle of Britain: Princess Margaret, Sarah Ferguson, Lady Diana and the Duchess of Kent, in 1990 ALPHA AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

“How dare you send me flowers?”

As the Telegraph in 2010, and reports it ExpressUK, Princess Margaret’s letter was very outspoken. “You did more to shame this family than anyone could have imagined,“she noted.”Not once have you bowed your head in embarrassment, even a single minute after those shameful photos. Obviously, you never considered the damage you cause to us. How dare you discredit us like this and how dare you send me these flowers?“Reading these lines, the mother of Beatrice and Eugenie burst into tears.


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