That’s how unromantic he got to know girlfriend Laura Maria

That's how unromantic he got to know girlfriend Laura Maria

DSDS-Star Pietro Lombardi (28) has after separation from ex-wife Sarah Lombardi (27) with whom he has their son Alessio (5) has been looking for his dream woman for a long time. A year ago, the singer said in an interview with RTL that he wanted a woman who did not work in the same industry as him. His future should be one normal and down to earth woman be. “Preferably a cashier in the supermarket,” he joked. He has now apparently found it! His new love Laura Maria (24) is not a cashier, but she is down to earth and completely normal.

Pietro Lombardi

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Pietro Lombardi

Pietro Lombardi: New love for the DSDS star – but who is Laura Maria?



In the video above we show you the first couple photo of Pietro and his new girlfriend.

Many fans are now wondering: Where did Pietro actually meet his dream woman? In an Instagram question and answer session recently, Pietro explained where he first saw Laura Maria.

You have no idea who the new woman at Pietro’s side is actually? We introduce them to you in the video below.

Pietro Lombardi: Video in love: dancing together with his Laura Maria



This is how Pietro Lombardi met his Laura Know Mary

Pietro Lombardi: There it is! First couple photo with their new girlfriend



Surprisingly, the two didn’t meet in real life! The ex-DSDS-Juror discovered the pretty blonde on the TikTok video platform and was immediately blown away – to his amazement. Because the 28-year-old actually preferred brown-haired women in the past, as you would with his ex Sarah or his ex-flirt Melissa Damilia (24) can recognize. But he was immediately enthusiastic about Laura Maria.

In the meantime, the young couple has already shot their first dance videos together. You can see the result in the video below!

Laura Maria first rejected the ex-DSDS juror

Instead of a crude flirtation message, Pietro dared to try and asked Laura Maria for one of his music videos. However, she was not very impressed by the musician’s offer and surprisingly replied with “Nope, not in the mood.” Giving up was out of the question for Pietro! On the contrary: Laura Maria’s dismissive response made him even more curious. “That made it very interesting and then I wanted to stick with it because I liked it visually,” explains Pietro in the Instagram story. It is now clear that it was worth sticking with it! The couple are totally happy and even have the first one Offspring in the form of a young female welcomed in the family!

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