The 11 most important globules help against this

The 11 most important globules help against this

We present the starting substances of the eleven most popular globules and explain why the globules help and what against

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Like against like … this is the basic principle of homeopathy. Eating a vomit, for example, causes severe stomach cramps. The highly diluted essence from the nugget, on the other hand, is said to combat stomach ache and nausea. The word “homeopathy” comes from ancient Greek and literally means: similar suffering. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, firmly believed that a substance that triggers certain symptoms can also fight the same symptoms. “It is important that the starting substances are diluted so much that they lose their sometimes toxic effect,” says Dr. Markus Wiesenauer, pharmacist, doctor and homeopath. But can “highly diluted” substances have any effect at all? Sure, say homeopathy users. Our expert Markus Wiesenauer explains the similarity principle of popular remedies and their areas of application.

1. BELLADONNA – helps with fever

In this remedy is the deadly nightshade, which you better just look at: their black berries are highly poisonous and cause shortness of breath, palpitations and feeling hot even in low doses.

When do these globules work? For flu-like infections with fever, sore throat or otitis media.

2. SABADILLA – drives away allergic rhinitis

The seeds of the Central American louse herb look like the nasty crawly animals. In folk medicine, Sabadilla has long been used to protect against vermin.

When do these globules work? In case of allergies to house dust mites and other reactions that are accompanied by a cold, itchy palate and red eyes (such as hay fever).

3. GELSEMIUM – relieves headaches

Yellow jasmine smells so sweet and so intensely beguiling that it can trigger headaches. In addition, its ingredients (alkaloids and coumarins) have a paralyzing effect.

When do these globules work? Gelsemium relieves tension headaches, but also migraine-like pain associated with drowsiness.

4. RHUS TOXICODENDRON – relieves muscle and joint pain

You shouldn’t get too close to this plant. The leaves of the native poison ivy can cause contact eczema – with blisters, swelling and pain.

When do these globules work? When the musculoskeletal system hurts, such as with sore muscles, rheumatism and osteoarthritis; but also relieve cold sores.

5. BRYONIA – throttles the cough

The starting substance for the remedy is the white bryony, a climbing pumpkin plant that needs a lot of water and stores it in the roots. Your great thirst is also important in homeopathy: Bryonia keeps the mucous membranes moist so that they can fight off pathogens better.

When do these globules work? For bronchitis, dry cough, hoarseness and sore throat. Whenever the throat feels dry.

These are the best globules for children

6. NUX VOMICA – A treat for the stomach and intestines

Nux vomica is the botanical name for the nugget. The seeds of the Asian deciduous tree cause nausea, nausea, cramps and stiff muscles. In Ayurvedic medicine, nugget is prescribed against loss of appetite and constipation.

When do these globules work? Whenever something was too much: too much food, too much alcohol. They soothe an upset stomach, relieve the feeling of fullness, constipation and hangover symptoms.

7. LEDUM – heals wounds

The swamp porst is a species of rhododendron that grows in moist moorland. Its essential oils, especially the poisonous Ledol, irritate the skin.

When do these globules work? Ledum promotes healing, relieves pain and relieves the itching of insect bites, especially in the case of sting wounds and animal bites. Also good for strains and sprains.

8. COCCULUS – calms stress

Kockelskorn, the fruits of an Asian tree, would trigger stress symptoms if eaten straight. The poisonous picrotoxin it contains causes blood pressure to rise, increases excitability and promotes cramps.

When do these globules work? When you’re nervous, shaky, and fidgety and feeling exhausted and weak. Also calms you down if you can’t sleep because of the tension or if you suffer from travel sickness.

9. VERATRUM ALBUM – stimulates the circulation

The White Germer is a tall lily species that blooms on alpine meadows. It is anything but popular with farmers: grazing animals can develop severe colic from it. The germerin contained in it also causes cramps and slows down the pulse in humans.

When do these globules work? With low blood pressure and circulatory problems – often associated with weakness or shakiness. They also relieve vomiting and diarrhea.

10. ARNICA – heals injuries

According to homeopathy, even the appearance of a plant allows conclusions to be drawn about its effectiveness. The yolk yellow flowers of the mountain flower Arnica look as battered and battered as one feels after an injury or an accident.

When do these globules work? After falls, bruised knees and bruises, sore muscles and toothache. Arnica globules also stop tears when you are shocked.

11. PULSATILLA – relieves menstrual pain and bladder infections

The purple pasque flower usually extends its flower into the sun in March. A silvery down envelops the leaves and calyx like a warming coat. It also contains the alkaloid protoanemonin, which causes irritation of the mucous membranes.

When do these globules work? For bladder infections, menstrual pain and abdominal cramps, symptoms that get better with heat. Pulsatilla is the most important means of gynecology!

Text: Sabine Knapp


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