The 2-move, 10-minute routine that pushes you to the limit and builds muscle

The 2-move, 10-minute routine that pushes you to the limit and builds muscle

Do you need a little convincing to train? There is a 10 minute routine and only two essential movements (aka very effective) that will motivate you (the idea of ​​training for 10 minutes a day is more digestible than having to spend 1 hour lifting weights, right?).

There are two ways to train: long and light or short and very hard, both firms achieve results, but training less time and with greater intensity helps you burn fat fast and gain more strength (look this way, you need to walk for hours to burn the same calories as running) .

A good one exercise routine You need variety, some days you will have longer and more demanding workouts, on others you can do quick and effective work, and you should not forget to have rest days (be careful, it does not mean days of sitting on the couch, but doing lighter exercises so as not to saturate your muscles), this will help you see better results in less time.

For short and intense days, Bobby Maximus, former UFC fighter, fitness personality, and book author Maximus Body, developed a routine that makes you sweat like never before using just 2 movements that you can finish in just 10 minutes, plus, since you don’t need equipment of any kind, it’s a very accessible routine.

Maximus says that all you need to do this routine is follow it at your maximum intensity level (and maybe a stopwatch to measure the time), in addition, with a total time of 10 minutes, this routine is excuse-proof, you can do it at any time of the day and wherever you are (you don’t need much space).

To follow it, you must keep in mind the “Every Minute Over The Minute” (or EMOM) protocol, which basically requires you to complete a specific number of repetitions for each minute of the routine. If you finish quickly, the routine allows you to rest the seconds that remain between each minute, but, in this case, Bobby seeks to help you get more volume and burn more calories and fat by adding a second exercise that you must do in that rest time (there will be time to relax at the end of the 10 minutes).

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Deadly Routine by brpees

What is the Bobby Maximus 2 x 10 routine?

It’s simple, do 2 exercises in a row for 10 minutes, which in this case are burpees Y rudeness alternated. You must perform 5 burpees (touching the ground with the chest when going down and taking a powerful jump to go up) every minute, at the end, you should immediately continue with alternating lunges (remember that, when doing a lunge the front leg must be parallel with the ground and the knee must pass from the balls of the feet).

When finished, you must have made a total of 50 burpees, and the number of lunges will depend on how fast you do the exercise. It is important to speed up the burpees, but it is more important to take care of the form to perform precise movements, which is essential to see better results and avoid injury.

Does it seem little to you? Bobby Maximus It has another exercise routine of 2 movements, but this takes you 20 minutes, performing squats and burpees.

The rounds of this routine to work the legs are 2 minutes each and begin with 5 burpees in the first 30 seconds of each round. The remaining 90 seconds are reserved to perform as many squats of body weight as possible, finishing with about 10 rounds in total (or you can try some of the more brutal Crossfit routines if these quick options don’t convince you).


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