the 5 most beautiful clothes trends for autumn

the 5 most beautiful clothes trends for autumn

The new clothes trends for autumn 2020 are here:

Fall 2020 clothing trends Imaxtree

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Fall 2020 clothing trends Imaxtree

  • I-Lines
  • Apron dress
  • French
  • 80ies-Flashback
  • Satin

What new clothes trends will we wrap ourselves in this fall? We all have runways of the Autumn / winter shows 2020/21 put under the microscope and filtered out the five most exciting trends. The designers have a new favorite letter this season, want to make us shimmer now and send us back to the future …

These are the 5 most exciting clothes trends for autumn

1. The new trend silhouette for dresses: I-line

After all the expansive dress styles of the last few seasons, one of the most minimalist silhouettes is very popular this fall: the I line. As the name suggests, this dress trend is based on the narrowest Letters in the alphabet. The maxi dress of the hour is cut dead straight, has long sleeves and is almost floor-length.

2. The apron dress

Probably the most charming clothing trend of the season is best in company. The strap dress only unfolds its full potential when combined with sweaters, shirts and long sleeves. Who likes High wants to show, the apron dress can also be pure in the 60ies style of Marc Jacobs take it for a walk – the daring cut of Chanel again without something underneath it would only be something for the bedroom …

3. Dresses with fringes

It is still uncertain when to do that again Dance leg can vibrate in public spaces. But we already know what we want to wear then: dresses with fringes that resonate with every step. This clothing trend heralds the new twenties appropriately. Fringes promise a lot of fun and don’t want to take life too seriously. And on a romantic date, you can play around with them nervously instead of your hair …

4. 80ies-Flashback

Back to the future: No, we are far from finished with the power silhouette of the wild 80s! Imagine an inverted triangle made up of strong shoulders, Volume sleeves and a narrow skirt. Knee-high boots with midi heels and “The Look” by Roxette as background music go well with this clothing trend.

5. Satin dresses

Finally a worthy successor to the very overused trend of velvet! Satin brings glamor to the autumn wardrobe. The sensual dress trend is a wonderful break in style with coarse knitwear and heavy boots. The nights are getting longer and with that the desire for sparkling jewelry and glamorous shimmering fabrics like satin grows automatically, which is already getting us in the mood for the upcoming festive season.


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