The Alcoa committee asks “the Government and the Xunta to do their part”

The Alcoa committee asks

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Lugo, Oct 11 (EFE) .- The Alcoa San Cibrao works council assures that the workers of the industrial complex are willing “to fight to the end” for their jobs, but affirms that it is time for the Government and the Xunta of Galicia “do your part” and collaborate to carry out the intervention of the factory.

The president of the works council, José Antonio Zan, affirmed that the workers are now waiting for both administrations, the central and regional administrations, to “move their card” and provide the solution that they have been demanding for months to guarantee the production of primary aluminum in the San Cibrao plant and, consequently, the maintenance of jobs.

“Alcoa has laid off 524 workers” at the primary aluminum plant, Zan reminded Efe, so the time has come for “words” to become “facts.”

“There has been a lot of talk about the intervention,” he said, and recalled that, apparently, all political groups agree on this average, so now, once Alcoa has announced its intention to apply the ERE and stop the vats, which “are the heart” of the San Cibrao factory, the time has come to carry it out.

According to Zan, “time is up” and both administrations have to take a step forward to prevent the tanks from stopping and, consequently, the definitive closure of the primary aluminum plant.

The committee chairman recalled that the workers have fought in recent months for their jobs and for the “future of the A Mariña region” and are willing “to fight to the end”, but said that “now the Government and the Xunta de Galicia have to do their part ”.

In that sense, he recalled that the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, “said that if Alcoa applied the ERE, it would formally ask the Government of Spain to intervene in the plant.”

“It is taking time. We ask you to keep your word, “said Zan, who also recalled that the economic vice president of the Xunta de Galicia, Francisco Conde, publicly acknowledged” that Alcoa had acted in bad faith. “

“If they have found that Alcoa acted in bad faith and is trying to close the factory, the Xunta has to ask the Government to intervene in the factory,” said Zan, “and we do not know what the Government is waiting for to intervene.”

In that sense, he recalled that the workers await news in this regard at the meeting of the Multilateral Table for the Future of Alcoa to which the committee hopes to be convened in the coming days by the Galician Government and the Ministry.

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