the anecdote behind Homer’s historic “D’oh”

the anecdote behind Homer's historic

The Simpsons: The Anecdote Behind Homer

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The Simpsons: The Anecdote Behind Homer’s Historic “D’oh”

The Simpsons drank a potion of longevity. The little yellow family has been on our screens since 1989. With 32 seasons currently, some lines have even become cult, like Homer’s “D’oh” or Bart’s “Ay Caramba”.

The Simpsons hide many secrets and anecdotes. Over the years, Homer’s famous “D’oh” has become cult. The expression that the father of the family uses everywhere already dates from the very first episode. It was created by Dan Castellaneta who doubles Homer in the original version.

In the program “Archive of American Television”, Dan Castellaneta explains the origin of “D’oh”. During the first recording session, it was written in the script that Homer was to do “an annoyed growl”. The actor was inspired by comedian Jales Finlayson’s “D’ooooooh” in episodes of Laurel and Hardy.

Matt Groenein, the Simpsons’ dad, likes the idea, but wants something shorter, more punchy that goes under all circumstances: when Homer is surprised, angry, upset. Dan Castellaneta shortens it and it gives the “D’oh”.

But then it had to be adapted in French… Philippe Peythieu who interprets Homer in French, could not pronounce the expression with the D, so he interpreted it “T’oh”. It’s the only language in which fans’ favorite expressions are different.


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