The Blue dollar ends the day near $ 180

The Blue dollar ends the day near $ 180

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On this Friday 16, the Blue dollar he keeps climbing and can’t find his ceiling. With an increase of eight pesos, the informal US currency operates at $ 170 for purchase and $ 178 for sale.

In that sense, both the financial analyst Christian Buteler, as the economist Aldo Abram agreed that “the measures taken by the Government they did not serve to calm the existing uncertainty about Argentina’s economic direction. “In the first place, Buteler assured that” on September 15 there was a very strong driver, which were the restrictions on the purchase and sale of the US currency. “” From that moment on , the already high but relatively stable dollar soared. The different types of dollars, the gaps and dollar deposits began to leak“, he highlighted.

Also, he said that “today what is seen is a value of panic and has no ceiling. It has no logic because what is expressed is fear of what will happen“.

The blue dollar rose $ 6 and was at $ 177 in the average of the day

For his part, Abram explained that “there is a BCRA that issues much more than what people want to finance the government. This causes the peso to drop in value and, therefore, it loses purchasing power.”

Regarding the possibilities of finding a solution to the problem, Abram was much more critical of the ruling party and said that “the issue is not that there is a wrong diagnosis, the Government does not see that there is a problem that needs a solution“If this continues, the dollar could be above $ 200 by the end of the year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Buteler believes that “markets need to see measures taken that bring a little more confidence, instead of just hearing about the policies that are going to be taken.” Likewise, he is confident that if the promised measures are fulfilled, the dollar could begin to fall.

This Friday, after the new measures adopted by the Government to continue controlling the outflow of foreign currency, the dollar closed unchanged at $ 76.50 buyer and $ 82.50 seller. Likewise, the solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and 35% on Profit account-, operates stable at $ 136.13.

Meanwhile, the Mep or stock market fell slightly and around 5.30 pm it was trading at $ 153.44 for the purchase and at $ 153.53 for the sale. In turn, the Cash with Liqui was located below $ 170 with a value of $ 166.50 and $ 166.90, respectively. The wholesaler , rose $ 0.05 to $ 77.52.

Lastly, the country risk fell almost 1% and reached 1,397 basis points.



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