The Blue Moon will shroud the night of Halloween in mystery

The Blue Moon will shroud the night of Halloween in mystery

This 2020 will be a year to remember, in every sense. Even in astrology, in fact, there will be 13 full moons instead of 12 and, in the month of October, a lunar cycle has begun which will end with a phenomenon called “Blue Moon”. A rare event that does not happen often and will be visible all over the world. After the pink moon that caused a sensation last May, she shows up dressed in blue at the most mysterious party of the year.

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As happened with the “Pink Moon”, which took its name from the slight pink halo due to the earth’s atmosphere, while everyone imagined a huge strawberry chupa chups, also this Blue Moon it will not be truly blue, the name, in fact, indicates the second full moon which is repeated in the same month, according to the Gregorian calendar.

This phenomenon usually occurs every two and a half years, because the time between one full moon and the other is 29 days and it is possible that two full moons occur in those months of 30 or 31 days. In short, math is not an opinion!

Why is it called “Blue Moon”?

There are many popular theories and legends that orbit the phenomenon of the Blue Moon. The full moon has always been part of many superstitions and is often linked to witchcraft and its supernatural powers that affect living beings. Over the centuries, many have believed that it brought bad luck and trouble but in English, the word “blue” has two meanings: “blue”, but also “sadness”; will it be from this second interpretation that the name of this phenomenon known as Blue Moon originates?

It’s really creepy to think of a huge full moon right on the night of Halloween and, above all, that to be able to enjoy this phenomenon again during the night of the witches we will have to wait until October 31, 2039! Do not be discouraged if this year, one of the most awaited parties for young and old cannot take place as usual, the sky will give us a free and exciting show that you can see from the front row, in the safety of your home.


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