the brilliant tip for perfectly melted cheese

the brilliant tip for perfectly melted cheese

Homemade burger: the brilliant tip for perfectly melted cheese

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Homemade burger: the brilliant trick for perfectly melted cheese

Tonight is a burger party! To celebrate the international day of the American sandwich, we give the unstoppable technique to perfectly melt the cheese.

The burgers house, we love it. Easy and quick to prepare, they are always very popular after gourmets. On the occasion of the international day of this American sandwich on Tuesday, October 13, we give you our great tip for melting cheese in the burger. Follow the guide !



Our technique for properly melting processed cheese

If the secret to a good burger lies first in the choice of ingredients that composes it, another aspect allows it to be made to perfection … cooking of course !

For a flowing burger cheese, we advise you to swap your classic pan for a sauté pan with a lid. Heat your fat, add the steak and let it cook on the first side. Turn it over, add the slice (s) of cheese and cover with the lid. After a few minutes, the cheese will have heated up sufficiently and will almost melt with the meat! All you have to do is assemble your sandwich as you wish: raw vegetables, salad leaves, bacon slices, avocado …

Which cheese to choose for a successful homemade burger?

Traditionally, it is customary to use special burger vacuum-packed cheeses. But these slices are not really tasty… Why not change your habits by replacing them with quality cheese? Your burger will only be better!

Raclette, Morbier, Saint-Nectaire, mozzarella and even roquefort, bleu or even goat, many kinds of cheese lend themselves particularly well to burger recipes. Only one constraint: cut the slices thinly enough so that the cheese melts well on the steak! Let your imagination run wild: the burger can be very creative.

The trick to keeping a homemade hamburger hot

Not always easy to keep a hot homemade hamburger, especially when you have to make it for the whole family … Fortunately, we found a super practical tip to keep meats and breads hot: the oven! When you have finished cooking the steaks and cheeses, place them under the grill of your oven (at low temperature) and add the buns to grill them for a few minutes. This will give you time to cut and prepare a few raw vegetables for garnish or even to make a little homemade sauce!

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