The cantons want to impose the wearing of masks in confined spaces

The cantons want to impose the wearing of masks in confined spaces

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The mask could become mandatory in all closed public spaces. Teleworking could be generalized again and private gatherings limited. Cantonal health directors asked the Federal Council for such measures on Friday.

The evolution of cases of Covid-19 infections is alarming, noted the directors of health during an extraordinary meeting in the presence of Federal Councilor Berset. Wearing the mask should be applied throughout the country. To this end, health directors are calling on the government to act.

The recommendations for the cantons have been completed. The requirements to be met by bars, clubs and discos should be intensified, for example by a curfew. Contact tracing should be maintained. The maintenance of major events is also in the balance.

Decision expected from the Federal Council

These measures are effective if people apply them, said Martin Ackermann, head of the Confederation’s Covid-19 Scientific Task Force, during a press briefing. But time is an important factor. “If we act a week faster, the problem will be less serious.”

The Federal Council will react soon, announced in the wake of Virginia Masserey head of the infection control section of the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP).


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