The case of the 13-year-old who kicked a kitten and will go unpunished

The case of the 13-year-old who kicked a kitten and will go unpunished

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AGI – Publishing a video on Tik Tok: this would have been the motivation that pushed a 13-year-old boy to the Citadel area, in Casoria, apto kick a cat by throwing it against the wall. The animal died from trauma sustained in the fall. While the violent scene, filmed by another young man, was published on the web platform used by young people, and then spread to other social networks. Arousing the anger, on the web, of many people.

The report comes from the Italian animal rights activists, whose president Riccardo Manca declares: “A chilling video. Images that continue to leave their mark, that shake our consciences, that indignant everyone except our politicians. We hoped it wasn’t true. It is not the first time that a minor has been involved in such cases: let’s think of the hedgehog in Ciriè (Turin) or the cat thrown from a balcony in Turin, both of whom died due to wicked acts by minors “. Manca adds that” there is no great gap between North and South; society is sick, wherever such crimes occur periodically. Gruesome acts that always see animals as sacrificial victims “.

The association denounces that currently the perpetrators of animal crimes even if convicted with the maximum penalty they will not serve a day in jail “because of a wrong, inequitable and inadequate law and they will be free to commit other crimes on animals. The Italian Animalists association will file a complaint. The National League for the Defense of Dogs will also intervene on the matter. L

to president Piera Rosati speaks of a “violent gesture”. And “once again – accuses Piera Rosati – we have to witness, helplessly, the brutal and merciless aggression of a defenseless creature. We have already prepared the complaint against this little boy who in fact proved to be an unscrupulous individual, raised in a environment without love and without respect for life. The gesture he committed is of unprecedented cruelty “.


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