The closure of the hospitality industry, incomprehensible to Comeos

The closure of the hospitality industry, incomprehensible to Comeos

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The government’s “drastic” and “disproportionate” measure to completely shut down the hospitality industry for a month is incomprehensible in the eyes of Comeos, the federation of trade and services, and representative of restaurant chains. “It is a blind measure which will kill a sector which is already bleeding and which will cost thousands of jobs,” she predicts.

“The catering establishments have all taken numerous measures to receive their customers safely. There is also no knowledge of contamination problems in the restaurants. The registration forms which had to be kept, but which barely have been requested by the competent authorities, are the proof “, castigates Dominique Michel, managing director of Comeos.

Thousands of jobs are now threatened by this announcement, fears the federation.

For his boss, other measures were possible, such as limiting the number of people per table or an earlier closing time. “But what has just been decided is a blind measure which once again gives a hammer blow to a sector which has already suffered enormous losses during the first confinement and which had to invest massively in additional measures”, denounces Dominique Michel.

Comeos therefore calls for government support measures to “save the sector”.


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