The confrontation between Trump and Biden scheduled for Thursday has been canceled

The confrontation between Trump and Biden scheduled for Thursday has been canceled

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The commission that organizes the presidential debates has canceled the duel scheduled for next Thursday between Donald Trump e Joe Biden. The Wall Street Journal reports it citing some sources. The commission had decided to change the format of the duel by opting for the confrontation no longer in presence, after the president of the United States had tested positive for the coronavirus. But Donald Trump objected and announced that he would not participate in the virtual debate, which he called a “waste of time”.

The organizing commission, due to President Trump’s coronavirus positivity, had planned to organize the debate at a distance: the two candidates would take part in a virtual “duel”, connecting “remotely” and “from two different places”. The audience and the moderator Steve Scully of C-Span instead they should have been at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

Trump rejected the proposal: “I’m not going to waste my time – he said -. I’m not contagious, I’m fine”. Reiterating the intention to participate in a discussion of presence. But the commission canceled the meeting. However, a debate between Trump and Biden is currently scheduled for October 22 in Nashville.

“There is no reason not to have three debates as we originally agreed. We have proposed October 22 and 29. It is time for the commission to stop protecting Joe Biden.” So did Donald Trump’s election staff. According to the entourage of the US president, nothing prevents Trump and Biden from taking part in a debate “without the commission” having their say: “We would be happy to have a one-to-one debate without the interference of the commission”.

“It’s shameful that Donald Trump dodged the only debate in which voters were asking the questions, but that’s no surprise. Everyone knows the president is a bully to reporters, but obviously he doesn’t feel like answering the questions. voters, “says Joe Biden’s staff.


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