The convicts of the countryside. Many hours, a few euros and fear

 The convicts of the countryside. Many hours, a few euros and fear

Many the stories of exploitation recounted in the Report, collected by Flai-CGIL operators in meetings with workers. Like that of a laborer albanese: «I have been working for two years in a company that produces vegetables and rocket in greenhouses. I don’t have a work contract or a residence permit: it expired two years ago and I still haven’t been able to find an employer to hire me with a regular contract. I take 20 euros a day, I work 10-12 days a month in one company and 10-15 in another, Saturday and Sunday in a third for cleaning … A fine month non surpass quasi May i 600 The 650 euro».

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One more woman, a worker Moroccan: «I work with a corporal who recruits only women and takes them to a company that produces strawberries and then fine salads. There treats male. It takes 6 or 7 euros for transportation to do just under 5 km; if you work more than 8 hours, you can expect another 3 euros for waiting after hours. On 30-35 euros a day of earnings, you must therefore remove about 7 euros. The employer to come there treats the corporal, ma non the interest. We went to the union to explain this situation, but after hearing what my colleagues advised us, they gave up on filing the complaint. The fear is very strong. The fear of non to work you makes unable of to react».

The third story is reported by a trade unionist in charge of listening and is that of a laborer of the Mali guest of a Center reception in Pontecagnano; the man worked in the surrounding countryside and says that for 4 or 5 months non came paid despite continue a to work per circa 10 ore al day. «Reading the paycheck we discovered that only three days were counted and the amount did not exceed 140 euros. We called the company to find out what had happened and the answer was that the worker had asked to be paid illegally, but this was completely false, an invented answer: the word of the farmhand against that of the employer “. “We have many of these situations: pay slips with an unlikely amount of 100, 150 or 300 euros corresponding to 2, 3 or 5 days recorded compared to 28 or 30 actually worked. The laborers sign them and therefore they become a reason for legitimacy of the salary balance. Only afterwards do they realize that they have been scammed ».

The last story is about a ten of workers yellow let them come directly from the country of origin, with a flight to Bari and then by van to Battipaglia. The promised salary was very high, more than what a worker specialized in agriculture would take: from 4 to 5 thousand euros at the end of the season, but it was obviously a deception to convince Romanians to leave the country and work three months in the tomato harvest. Upon arrival, the workers’ documents are removed, the accommodation is a cottage dilapidated in which and he is sleeping on cartons of packaging. A bin serves as a container for water for drinking and washing; the food is brought by the countryman who brought the men at the request of an Italian entrepreneur. But after three months the pay is of 190 euro a head per each month of work of 10 ore every day: the same monthly salary they would have taken while working in their country. Another compatriot then takes them to the union and the complaint starts; but the unfortunates do not even know the name of the mediator who hired them and not even the name of the company that employed them in those dramatic conditions … Even the local police station mobilizes, bringing them the food prepared by the agents’ canteen .


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