the countryside joins the protests with a presence on the roads and tracts in more than 150 localities of the country

the countryside joins the protests with a presence on the roads and tracts in more than 150 localities of the country

Cordova. Protest of producers traction of producers for the beltway foto ramiro pereyra

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Cordova. Protest of producers traction of producers for the beltway foto ramiro pereyra

This afternoon there will be another protest against the policies of the Alberto Fernández government and the countryside will be one of the protagonists. From the group “Campo más Ciudad” they launched the call where mobilizations are expected in more than 150 places in the interior of the country.

“The most outstanding fact is the massive presence of agricultural producers on the country’s routes. In previous mobilizations, the countryside was present, mainly, in the towns and cities of the interior, without differentiating itself from other neighbors. On this occasion, the tractors will accumulate again in accesses and crossings, in adherence to the citizen claim, “said Campo Más Ciudad.

According to the statement of the group of self-convened producers, the protest is for excessive tax pressure, the doubling of the exchange rate and the continuous attacks suffered by farmers. The self-convened groups are also joined by agricultural entities.

! In the interior of the country, the call promises to surpass the previous ones, not only in terms of participation in each place, but also the number of localities involved “, explained from the producer organization.

Among the localities where the producers will be concentrated, the producing provinces of the Pampean region stand out.

Buenos Aires

Reefs: Plaza Miter Azul: Plaza San Martín

Balcarce: Liberty Square

Chacabuco: Caravan from Sanitary Control and then to the square

Chascomús: Italian Clock

Colonel Suarez: San Martin Plaza

Daireaux: Plaza San Martín Dolores: Plaza Castelli

General Arenales: In front of La Plata church: Plaza Moreno

Lincoln: Plaza Rivadavia Lujan: Route 7 and Av. Constitución

Blue sea: 3 and Mar del Plata (then caravan to Villa Gesell)

Mar Del Plata: Monument to San Martín, Pedro Luro and San Luis

Mercedes: La Trocha station, Merlo caravan: Mástil de Merlo, from there by caravan to San Antonio de Padua

Monte Grande: Plaza Miter Morón: Plaza San Martín Navarro: Bus station (from there caravan to Plaza San Lorenzo)

Necochea: Plaza Dardo Rocha Olivos: In front of the Quinta Presidencial Pehuajó: Av. Labarden and Goyena

Parchment: Plaza Merced Quilmes: Miter and Rivadavia Rojas: Plaza San Martín

Saint Andrew of Giles: Cross highway 7 and RP41 (4:00 p.m.)

San Antonio de Areco: Arellano Square

Saint Anthony of padua: Esteban Echeverría corner Rivadavia

San Nicolás de los Arroyos: Plaza Miter and caravan through the city

Salazar: Plaza Raimundo Salazar, in front of the church

Tandil: Independence Square

Lauquen Train: Plaza San Martín Villa Gesell: Boulevard and Paseo 102


High grace: The cruise (from there, caravan to Plaza Solares)

Arroyito: Plaza 25 de Mayo Bell Ville: Train Station, Monument to Sarmiento

Berrotarán: Plaza Saturnina Berrotarán Brinkmann: Crossroads RP1 and RP17 Canals: Plaza Argentina Capilla del Monte: Plaza San Martín (4:00 p.m.)

Chipión: Junction RP1 and RP17 Colonia Caroya: Sinsacate roundabout, and caravan to the center of Jesús María Córdoba: Patio Olmos

Colonel Moldes: Nicolás Avellaneda Square

Corral de Bustos: Plaza 25 de Mayo Dean Funes: Esplanade of the Belgrano Freyre Railroad: Plaza Clock

General Cabrera: Plaza Central G

eneral Deheza: Entrance to Solares del Sur (4:30 p.m.), then caravan to the Plaza

Jesus Maria: Sinsacate roundabout and then to the center of Jesús María Laboulaye: Plaza Gral. Paz La Cumbre: In front of the La Paquita municipality: Junction RP1 and RP17

The Rods: Round R158

Marcos Juarez: Rogelio Fogante roundabout in a caravan to the amphitheater

Mina Clavero, Cura Brochero and Pampa de Pocho: Roundabout at the entrance to Mina Clavero

Oncative: Plaza Gral. Paz Porteña: Crossroads RP1 and RP17

Fourth quarter: Plaza Roca Río Tercero: Plaza San Martin

San Francisco: Seeber Rural Society: Crossroads RP1 and RP17 Valtelina: Crossroads RP1 and RP17

Vicuña Mackenna: Railway station, then caravan through the town Villa

Carlos Paz: Costanera and Nahuel Huapi (caravan to the Municipal Playón)

Villa Dolores: Roundabout at the entrance to Plaza Miter

Villa General Belgrano: José Hernández Villa María Square: Centennial Square of the Center


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