The Covid-19 unloads the “fort” of the rsa Pampuri

The Covid-19 unloads the


In the spring, the experience of the Riccardo Pampuri nursing home had been reported nationally: the pandemic, which caused numerous victims among the elderly in the RSA, was happily countered by the decision of the operators to stay and live with their elderly a month. And indeed, no elderly guest had fallen ill. Now, however, covid-19, almost certainly brought from the outside, has undermined this structure as well. Some elderly guests are already infected with the virus. “How many there are I don’t know, because since they still reside in the municipality of origin, the ATS reports the case to the mayor of that municipality. I hope that the treatments immediately started can have the desired effects. As a first measure, the rest has been closed to people who come to visit elderly guests “says the mayor Marco Marelli. Rsa armored everywhere, from Thursday. This was decided by the mayors of the municipalities that host them and the managers.

“It is certainly a difficult decision, especially in terms of the affections and relationships that are at the center of our life, but at this moment it is necessary to try to face the coming weeks with prudence, extreme seriousness and rigor, to protect the health of our elderly. . The methods of communication via tablet launched for months are confirmed: the management of the Family Home and the team that animates the activities in the structures are available to each family for the planning of the various appointments and we are working to increase efforts in this direction “affirm Lorenzo Pobbiati and Claudio Grazioli, presidents of Sodalitas and the Mantovani Foundation, who manage numerous RSAs in the Legnanese and Castanese areas.

Giovanni Chiodini


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