The Day of the Dead tennis shoes, this is the tribute these brands pay

The Day of the Dead tennis shoes, this is the tribute these brands pay

If you are a lover of Snickers, these collections of Day of the Dead tennis you will love it. Adidas, Nike Y Vans They launch these seasonal pieces to celebrate one of the most colorful and representative Mexican festivities in this country: the day the dead return from beyond to visit their loved ones and eat those dishes they most enjoyed in life.

These Day of the Dead tennis is all we needed to smile today and they are also the perfect footwear to start celebrating this date. Taking as inspiration the altars and the festivities of this day, these are born tennis of reinterpretation in some of its classic models. These are the most prominent pairs of these seasonal collections What are you drinking popular elements of this tradition, such as papel picado, skulls and marigold flowers.

Chilango’s trip

The ‘Nike Air Max 90 I KNOW’ they are one of the pairs that make up this select collection. The brand chose four of its classic models to print the colors of this feast for the dead. This pair is inspired by the Chilango trip, a celebration between life and death, where he mixes different colors and textures to create a striking, colorful and unique piece. On the brand’s website, these tennis shoes are priced at $ 2,499 MXN.

Nike reported that the collection ‘Day of the Dead’ It also includes the ‘DBreak Type’, ‘Blazer Mid’ and ‘Air Jordan 1’ shoes, which also include these elements of art and culture but with a novel and fresh approach. You can get them from October 15th in its online store, so you should stay tuned.

© Courtesy.
A tribute to Mexican traditions.

Minimalists with skulls

If you would like to wear a badge of this special day but are not ready to wear them in colored tennis shoes, the model ‘D.O.N. issue #2’ Adidas will be a good alternative, because they also resemble the favorite tennis from the last season (whites), but remain youthful with a skull-patterned sole.

The brand also added sportswear with distinctive elements to this special collection such as t-shirts, pants and sweatshirts. It also included the ‘Dame 7’, ‘D Rose 11’ and the ‘Pro Boost Low’. The tennis They generally have an approximate cost of 2,499 MXN. Although some models are already exhaustedIt will surely be a matter of days for the brand to supply again to meet demand.

Adidas 'DON issue # 2' model.

© Courtesy.
Adidas ‘DON issue # 2’ model.


Vans, the creator of one of the most iconic sneakers of your adolescence, He was not left behind either and for the third time he launched his commemorative line to this date, which takes as inspiration the patterns of the confetti. The model ‘Day of the Dead SK8-HI’ is a tribute to this representative element and is accompanied by small calaveras in black. The models ‘Vans Sport’ Y ‘Sk8-Lo’, were also intervened with the same pattern but only in black and white in case you are looking for something more sober.

Vans was inspired by papel picado.

© Courtesy.
Vans was inspired by papel picado.

The wonder of tennis is that due to their versatility they are an essential part of our wardrobes, and these models, even after November, are still so valid to be combined with any garment that imagination allows.


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