The emotional story of this father who gave up everything to raise his son with Down syndrome alone

The emotional story of this father who gave up everything to raise his son with Down syndrome alone

The mother abandoned him when she felt unable to raise him.

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The mother abandoned him when she felt incapable of raising him.

In social networks, the story of a Russian father named Evgeny Anisimov has moved, who has fought against all odds to raise his baby named Misha, who suffers from Down syndrome.

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It turns out that the mother of her son, upon learning that he would be born with this condition, decided to deliver him to a specialized institute for children with disabilities, since he assured that he did not feel capable of raising the child.

Evgeny found out what happened and did not hesitate for a single second to turn his life around to dedicate himself to his baby, who remained hospitalized for several weeks, very serious, due to pneumonia but fortunately the doctors managed to save his lifetime.

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With some delay, I hasten to share our first holiday with Misha: Happy Birthday! On August 28 we turned one year old! Despite the windy weather, the holiday was a success! The first photo session was replaced by the first trip to the cafe !!! Because there was no milk on the menu, Mishka preferred a sound sleep to small talk Friends! Again I express my gratitude to you and Mishkin !!! Thanks!!! Thanks @prekrasnovamariika for the awesome bunny / rabbit (I think he and his nephew would still argue who it is!) From @stranaulybokpm !! Thanks friends!! Many thanks to the photographer: @inna_ostaali_photo! It’s still a mystery to me how you can stay positive and cheerful with such an anxious dad like me and unexpectedly capricious Misha 🙂 Thank you !!! I would like to say the crown of gratitude to @moya_krovinushka! Elena and Tatiana Konstantinovna! Thank you very much for your support !! A post shared by Evgeny Anisimov (@evgen_tyz) on Sep 14, 2019 at 9:45 am PDT

After this hard experience, this dad decided to quit his job to dedicate himself 100% to his son, always supported by his family and friends.

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Every long road starts with the first step. The search for God is something personal, secret and not always fast .. On August 23, 2019, we baptized Misha. His path has begun! Volgograd Temple of John the Baptist. Father Valery, Godmother Tamara and Godfather Artem became his companions on this difficult, but blessed path. Friends! I would like to express special gratitude to the organization My krovinushka @moya_krovinushka, especially Elena @ez_kras. Thank you! The process itself was not very familiar to us, thanks for being there! I would also like to say thanks to Uncle Stepa @massage_stepan, for the recommendations of Father Valery. And special thanks and deep bow to the super Man with a capital letter: Svetlana. Hats off to your stamina, strength and talent! @cveta_me @ Thank you, friends, that you are near! God bless you! A post shared by Evgeny Anisimov (@evgen_tyz) on Aug 29, 2019 at 9:52 am PDT

Currently, little Misha grows up surrounded by love from Evgeny, who is focused on his physical development, which is why he takes him to swimming lessons, as well as therapies that improve his development.

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Good afternoon friends!!! Holidays !! Holidays and gifts !! Nicholas the Wonderworker, Christmas, Hanukkah! How many holidays? How many miracles !! Miracles did not pass us by either !! Thanks to the initiative of Uncle Stepa @massage_stepan and the Higher Forces, our account has increased by 4900 rubles! Thank you, friends, for your participation and help! I hasten to inform you that on December 4 I went to work and now it should be easier with money! My mother, Misha’s grandmother, helps me a lot! So far, without nannies, but the vector of development, in my opinion, is in the right direction! Friends, thank you very much. Parcels, gifts, translations, advice! This is all very significant and valuable !! Low bow to you and words of gratitude! May there also be more responsive and bright people in your life! May it be rewarded to you sevenfold! Smiles of loved ones, warmth, the clink of coins and the rustle of banknotes, health! Happy holiday to you! Happiness to you! I know what I’m saying, #yazhpat! A post shared by Evgeny Anisimov (@evgen_tyz) on Dec 20, 2019 at 11:43 pm PST

Without a doubt, the love bond between Evgeny and Misha is indestructible and that is the engine that encourages them to continue fighting together every day.

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