The eyebrows you want can be achieved with Microfeathering

The eyebrows you want can be achieved with Microfeathering

He microfeathering, a hair-to-hair eyebrow filling technique, but (much) more natural than the famous microblading, has come from Hollywood to make us believe that the eyebrow tattoo can be beautiful, long-lasting and effective. Actresses Mila Kunis, Mandy Moore Y Keri Russel They have already tried it, by the hand of the creator of this trend, Kristie Streicher, and we can say that we love it!

For many, microblading has been (and still is) a before and after if they suffered from little or sparsely populated eyebrows, especially now when the thick and wildest eyebrow is still in fashion. This semi-permanent tattoo technique creates hair-like strokes to create the illusion of more bushy eyebrows, only now with the rise of microfeathering we realize that not in the most natural way possible.

But what is microfeathering?

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Mandy Moore’s hairstyle for the 2019 Emmys

He microfeathering is the technique registered and patented by Kristie Streicher to help create fuller, more natural-looking hair-to-hair plump brows. Like microbladingIt is about making small micro-perforations that deposit color under the skin as semi-permanent tattoos that imitate hair. Only for the co-founder of STRIIIKE beauty salon, Kristie Streicher It was extremely important that it did not look ‘too full’ or perfect like a tattoo, as it took away all the naturalness.

So knowing what microblading was about and the results that were obtained, he decided to embark on creating his own style or technique, known as ‘The Feathered Brow’. He spent a year developing it into more than 300 test models, using them to conservatively fill in sparse growth, rather than recreating an entire brow.

The idea is recreate hair-like strokes so that they resemble and imitate natural hair and thus be able to fill in sparse areas. Kristie Streicher defines that final look as ‘smooth, natural and truly personalized to the individual’s face’ (everything we want, right?)

This is your step by step

For this hair-by-hair eyebrow filling technique, according to the beautician of Mila Kunis Y Mandy Moore, it is extremely important to ‘growth training’, which can last between 6 to 12 months. During this process, it is strategically tweened every 6 to 8 weeks, to evaluate hair growth and perfect its natural shape. The most important is be able to do the job with the natural growth pattern of the eyebrow, because otherwise the final result could be completely affected.

  1. After reaching the previous step and with the approval of the trained eye of Kristie Streicher, it is time to start with the natural tattooed eyebrow: small incisions or traces are made in the epidermis with a custom pigment of iron oxide (which are considered the safest semi-permanent pigments to use on the skin, as these will fade over time as the body naturally absorbs them), designed to mimic the color of the client’s brow hair.

  2. The second date occurs 6 to 8 weeks later, depending on how the brow heals or the client’s skin responds, this is when additional strokes are added as needed. This ensures the best and most natural result possibleas each person’s eyebrows heal differently.

  3. It is important to note that this last step, could take up to three sessions to obtain a perfect result.

Is this for life?

Like many other treatments, the filling of eyebrows hair by hair with microfeathering will depend on several factors, the two most important: genetics and care. After 8 to 12 months of application the traces will disappear, but not completely. The recommendation is that after this time they carry out a retouch. Depending on the individual’s skin and health, the pigment may leave behind a soft haze of residual pigment.

How to take care of it and make it last longer? Like the skin, keeping out of direct sunlight and, of course, using sunscreen (over 30). Exposure to the sun can cause ink to fade and ‘blood’ under the skin, giving it a fuzzy look that we don’t want to have. Kristie Streicher recommends avoiding products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or chemical peels, as these acids will fade the pigment color.

Not everything is for everyone

It is important to note that this type of hair-to-hair eyebrow filler does not have the best effects and should be done under great care and caution if you skin is oily or hypersensitive. From the first, because the pigment can be rejected by the oils of the skin or the final result will be blurred, and will require frequent touch-ups. If your skin is hypersensitive, with almost invisible pores and often suffers from rosacea or dermatitis, it will have a lot of difficulty to heal from the tattoo and the pigment will not have a very pleasant result, such as applying many patches.

Instead, dry skin, the normal to fat and the normal to combination skin They respond phenomenally to Kristie Streicher’s microfeathering technique.


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