the famous people who left SBT. List!

 the famous people who left SBT. List!

After Globo, it is SBT that is promoting a downsizing of your cast. In less than a month, several names from the casting of the São Paulo broadcaster, which turns 40 in 2021, have not had their contracts renewed or have been dismissed. In addition to the artistic area, the cut in the number of employees also reached the back side of the cameras. They have already left the network of Silvio Santos Roberto Cabrini, Lívia Andrade, Leão Lobo, Carlinhos Aguiar, Mamma Bruschetta, Rachel Sheherazade and Maisa Silva, who announced its shutdown over the weekend after 13 years.

Maisa thanked Silvio Santos for leaving SBT: ‘He did so much for me’

The actress, presenter and singer arrived at SBT in 2007 to command the “Animated Saturday” and since March 2019 was at the head of the “Programa da Maisa”. Now without ties to the station, the teenager will make special appearances in programs like “Teleton”. “The decision was made on account of new personal and professional projects that Maisa wants to do “, explained SBT in a note. “This change came from this discomfort inside me, something that said that I should take a step further and get out of my comfort zone […] I started to have proposals for other projects that I also wanted “, completed the artist thanking the owner. “Silvio Santos did so many things for me that you have no idea (…).helped to ensure that we did not fall into any pranks, any bad contracts that could harm me in the future “, he exalted.

Journalist Roberto Cabrini was dismissed from SBT after 11 years

Hired in 2009, when he was at Record TV, Roberto Cabrini has been conducting the journalistic program “Conexão Repórter” since 2010, winner of seven press trophy statuettes. The journalist’s dismissal was the first cut SBT made. The high cost of the attraction, which gave no financial return, was identified as the cause of its extinction.

Rachel Sheherazade had contract terminated by SBT

Another downfall in journalism was “SBT Brasil” anchor Rachel Sheherazade. Owner of controversial comments and opinions, the presenter of the main television news of the station would not have her contract renewed on the last day of October this year. However, on September 28 she recorded a video saying she had been fired by email. Rachel was on the news since 2011. Behind the scenes, director Michael Ukstin and the productions of “Bom Dia & Cia.” (by Silvia Abravanel), “Topa ou Não Topa” (by Patricia Abravanel) and “Programa Raul Gil” were also cut.

‘Fofocalizando’ and ‘Poliana Moça’ casts were dismissed

The reduction in the number of employees also reached the extinct program “Fofocalizando”, which was born called “Fofocando” and is currently called “Triturar”. Livia Andrade, Mamma Bruschetta and Leão Lobo did not renew their contracts by mutual agreement. On video after her departure, Livia calmed the fans by saying that everything was fine. Scheduled for this year, the soap opera “Poliana Moça” was postponed to next year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Actors who had already started recording saw their contracts not be renewed. A participant in the “Jogo dos Pontinhos” of the “Programa Silvio Santos” alongside Livia, Carlinhos Aguiar was also dismissed from the broadcaster, who at the end of last year he had lost Larissa Manoela to Globo. Finally, the comedians of Café com Bobagem, from the cast of “A Praça é Nossa”, were also turned off

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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