“The fans of Lizardo Ponce threatened me with death”


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Laura Fidalgo placeholder image is still dismayed by her conflict with Lizardo ponce, and after the scandal that was on the air in Confronted, where he argued loudly with him journalist and the driver, Marina Calabró, the dancer reported that she received threats of death.

The artist held in dialogue with Splendid and unfaithful (AM 990) that the note with the show cycle of The nine It was to talk about her work, so again she was sorry for where the talk had led.

“The followers of Lizardo Ponce threatened me with death”, said the woman who days ago joined the “BAR” of the Singing 2020, reality show in which he met for the first time influence.

On Twitter, Fidalgo shared old tweets from panelist of Confronted in which he made disparaging remarks about Adele and people who suffer from obesity (for which he later apologized and was sorry) and with a question he doubted the notes he receives from Nacha guevara at the singing show of The thirteen.

“Is it true that Lizardo has high marks because he helps Nacha with her networks?” Asked the dancer.

“We continue to capture screens with death threats. They are crazy! How far do you want to go ?! ”Laura wrote in another post, thus expressing her concern.

In turn, the brunette He also shared tweets in which Marina Calabró She is branded a “viper”, so she was clearly dissatisfied with the crossing that she starred in on Friday afternoon.

The live discussion began when the presenter told her guest that she was going to have to “have a bad drink” talking to Lizardo. Fidalgo took it badly, Calabró clarified that it was a joke, but it was quickly generated a scandal that ended with the interviewee “abandoning her mobile phone” in a virtual way, since she disconnected her video call.

In the bird’s social network, the expert in dance posted a video in which Ponce dialogues with Yanina Latorre in a live broadcast of Instagram. There, the media treats her “Dry shell” when playing tutti-frutti. “This is the educated Lizardo,” added the artist.



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