“The faults of the Region on the pandemic plan”


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AGI – In the hundreds of new complaints filed with the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office by the Noi Denounce Committee, ‘enters’, compared to the previous ones, a possible new theme of liability challenged by the victims’ families to institutions relating to failure to adopt pandemic plans.

“Serious omissions of the Region”

In the exposures read by the AGI, the “absence of an adequate pandemic plan and the lack of adequate regional implementation plans, considering that the Italian legislation provides that national pandemic plans are drawn up at the coordination table between the State and the regions” .

On Lombardy, we read in the documents that will be assessed by the magistrates, “we find that there is an not having complied with the obligations imposed even the obsolete national pandemic plan ”. According to the latter, according to the reconstruction of the Committee, the Region should have done stock up on devices of protection knowing the risk of an epidemic “since January 22” and take action to find reagents for the swabs, as well as to ensure tracing the infection. It was also supposed to “communicate the number of cases of abnormal pneumonia” and, in general, “protect the health and life of citizens”. In this sense, “omissive responsibility on the part of the Region” would be configured.

The story of the spouses who died in the Alzano hospital

Among the new cases of which the judiciary is brought to the attention, there is that of two spouses aged 86 and 85 from Alzano Lombardo, one of the epicenters of the infection in the province of Bergamo. In the complaint, the son speaks of “Double murder, certainly involuntary, but still murder”.

The first to die is the woman, February 22, a few hours before the first case of positivity became known inside the hospital. On the evening of February 21, according to his son, “among the health personnel it was suspected that there were Covid cases in the ward, the use of masks is not explained in any other way”. Nevertheless, the spouse of the deceased woman would have been allowed to visit her and on February 22 and at the funeral in the parish church “a lot of people come to visit my mother’s body, with handshakes, hugs and kisses from relatives, friends and acquaintances “.

Regarding the death of his father, which took place on March 13, the son emphasizes that, after the onset of symptoms, “he could not be visited by a doctor and could not perform a swab despite the fact that the doctors had been informed che had attended the medical department in the 12 days preceding the discovery of the positivity of some patients “.

In the ‘new’ complaints all the themes of the previous ones are present, including that of missing ‘red zone’ in Val Seriana, with feared responsibilities of the Government and the Region, which the Bergamo Public Prosecutor has been investigating for some time. In all, about 250 have been presented by the Committee in recent months and at least another 200 will be, the lawyer Consuelo Locati said.


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