the fiction about Riace disappears from the schedules

the fiction about Riace disappears from the schedules

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That fiction does not have to be transmitted. For the umpteenth time, “All the world is a country”, the film with Beppe Fiorello inspired by the experience of welcoming and integration of Riace and the mayor who was the creator, Mimmo Lucano, disappears from the Rai schedules. The news was announced by Riccardo Laganà, chosen by the assembly of employees as a member of the Rai board of directors, who a few hours ago tweeted: “Despite the pronouncement of the Council of State, the fiction about #domenicolucano remains in a drawer with great regret”.

The reference is to the sentence with which the Council of State not only rejected the exile to which Mimmo Lucano had been forced by the judges after being overwhelmed by the investigation of the Locri prosecutor on the management of the reception system, but also affirmed that in Riace there have never been any scams or piloted contracts. “I believe that the same criterion – Laganà tweets again – must be adopted for all those programs whose conductors are under the judgment of the judiciary #principiodiprecauzione”.

This is the umpteenth backtrack of Rai, which first strongly wanted fiction, commissioned its realization and, when the project was concluded, preferred to abandon it in a drawer. The broadcast of “All the world is country”, produced by PicoMedia for Rai Fiction almost three years ago, was scheduled for February 2018, but Rai decided to “suspend” it from the schedule because – a note of the time said – “The mayor Lucano was sent a guarantee notice by the Locri prosecutor for some alleged crimes related to the management of the reception system”.

A decision also contested by the leading actor himself, Beppe Fiorello, who at the time had written on his social networks: “I want to convince myself that this is only a suspension, not a block, there is not yet a placement in the schedule but this does not mean that a tombstone was placed on the fiction. I am also convinced that the film will soon become a flagship of the public service. The folk tale is not to be feared. One cannot remain silent in the face of a fact that actually happened, it exists and must be told as thousands of other uncomfortable and less uncomfortable stories have been told “.

More than two years have passed since then. Mimmo Lucano was then overwhelmed by an investigation by the Locri prosecutor’s office, which lost pieces since the execution and came to the trial of most of the charges that had been formulated against him and his collaborators. Perhaps for this reason, “All the world is a country”, last summer it returned to Rai programming for the winter. According to what was reported on the advertising lists, the broadcast was scheduled for November, in prime time on Rai1. But within a few months, the public service programs must have changed, fiction has again disappeared from the schedule and price lists. Reason? It is not known, although Laganà implies that the issue should be linked to the judicial events of the mayor Lucano. Too bad that, according to what the councilor Rai tweets, the former mayor may not be the only one, although only for him – apparently – objections have been raised in the company.


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