The fish not to be missed in October: conger eel

The fish not to be missed in October: conger eel

The fish not to be missed in October: conger eel

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The fish not to be missed in October: conger eel

Inexpensive, conger eel is not one of the most popular noble fish, but it offers good value for money when you know how to cook it. Find out now!

How do you choose the right conger eel?

CURRENT CUISINE – The technique for successfully cooking fish (and odorless!)

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You may have heard your grandmother say that conger eel was full of bones and reserved for bouillabaisse ? How about trying to change your mind about this little-known fish? You will see, you will be won over and perhaps you will start to buy it regularly!

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Too rich in bones, the tail is indeed intended for soups. But there are much less ridges in the thick sections near the head. The head, on the other hand, makes a very good aroma (with a piece of tail!) and a nice fishmonger will gladly give it to you.

How to prepare the conger?

It is necessary rinse the inside well of the piece because it gives off, even fresh, a powerful odor which, fortunately, does not perfume the flesh.

For some recipes that get around (the thorny) problem of edges, you will have to remove the skin and remove the flesh all around the spine. It doesn’t matter if it is lint since you will then chop it, preferably with a knife, because the blender makes it a little sticky. On a 1 kg piece, you will therefore obtain approximately 700 g of flesh.

How to cook conger eel?

With this minced fish, you can make meatballs, croquettes, a parmentier by the sea ! Seasoned with your choice of herbs, ginger, garlic, zest, you just have to bind with a little egg and breadcrumbs. It will then be unrecognizable and very tasty.

For those who do not have an edge phobia, you can prepare the congre in a simmered dish, with a spicy sauce: in tagine, at curry and coconut milk or with tomatoes, potatoes and Provence herbs. Also consider integrating it into a Couscous from the sea.

And then it’s true that he is good in soup, Breton style, with lots of onions and potatoes. Once cooked, crumble it and then mix everything.

Is conger eel good for your health?

Although it remains very low in calories, conger fruit contains 3% fat, a little more than the others white fish. Fats that should not be shunned, on the contrary, since they are composed of essential fatty acids, the famous omega 3, useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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