the funniest exercise routine to tone your body

the funniest exercise routine to tone your body

He Animal Flow is a physical conditioning program product of a fusion of different disciplines such as yoga, parkour, breakdancing, functional training and capoeira. Basically, it consists of replicating movements of animals such as the frog, the crocodile, the scorpion and the gorilla, but the exercises they are not made individually but concatenated. Yes, we are talking about strength training that has already gone viral for working on stability, coordination, flexibility and, of course, our mobility with our own weight.

Yes it is the first time you do exercises or you are bored with conventional routines, Charlemagne Roa, Sports and Functional Advisor with certifications in Brazil and Buenos Aires, suggests giving the Animal Flow with 3 series of 30 to 40 seconds of each circuit to gain mobility, speed and resistance.

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Capoeira is a key Brazilian dance within the Animal Flow movements.

Why do Animal Flow?

Increase your strength, but above all the mobility of your joints, flexibility, control of your body and your coordination. You can do it from the comfort of your home, you do not need any type of material. Just a space where you can practice your movements freely. If you do it outdoors or in a place where you can connect with nature, without noise, it would allow you a greater mind-body focus.

How is the Animal Flow done?

He Animal Flow combines movements from various disciplines, ‘such as yoga in its most dynamic form or martial arts, and to practice it you do not need more than the weight of your body ‘, assures Carlomagno Roa, advisor fitness, to Vogue Mexico. Each session is a challenge where you will be able to move in various planes and combine with others exercises more acrobatic at the more advanced levels.

Here are some specific exercises that the Animal Flow:

Tiger crawl or tiger walk

Put yourself in quadruped position, raise your knees slightly off the ground and move forward moving them towards the elbow of the same leg. Then advance the opposite hand, opposite leg and repeat the movement. In this exercise you will work the entire upper body (pectoral, back, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks), as well as the entire abdominal area.

Yoga as a basic discipline within Animal Flow training.

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Yoga as a basic discipline within Animal Flow training.

Donkey kick jump the donkey kick

Start in a quadruped position and explosively lift both hind legs repeatedly. You will work the explosive force of your legs, the entire upper and middle train. As well as the cardiovascular part, being a intense exercise.

Bunny hop or rabbit hops

Put yourself in squat or squat position, the deeper the more difficulty and work you will do. Jump with both legs at the same time to move forward and repeat. East exercise works the quadriceps and glutes, in addition to activating the core abdominal.

Who should and who shouldn’t do Animal Flow?

Keep in mind that ‘the Animal Flow It requires a lot of technique so having adequate supervision in the first stages would be the most appropriate for people who do not have good technique or have never exercised and by the way avoid injuries’.

What muscles does Animal Flow work on?

It is a fullbody system, that is to say, work your whole body with your own weight in each session under 4 pillars: strength, flexibility, body control and coordination. With an implication of core abdominal as an axis of power. Yes with this series of exercises you can tone your arms.

How long do you have to practice Animal Flow?

The expert in fitness suggests practice Animal Flow for ’20, 30 or 40 minutes, depending on the physical state of each person‘. It is vital not to rush and go little by little. Go to your rhythms and enjoy your results.


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