The Ghent players do not hide it: “It is scandalous”

The Ghent players do not hide it:

The Ghent was quartered by the Cercle de Bruges this Saturday at the start of the D1A day, and the Buffalos were naturally not delighted.

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“We have fallen back completely into our faults, we made the same mistakes as before,” lamented Sven Kums after the meeting. “To take five goals, it is frankly scandalous. We take too many goals since the beginning of the season, it is a concern which exceeds the defense”, estimates the median. “Everyone makes mistakes. You can’t win like that.”

Newcomer and already scorer Andreas Hanche-Olsen would have liked to be able to celebrate his first achievement, but with five goals conceded, the defender can hardly be satisfied. “I’m happy with this goal, but it was still a very bad night. I have to be self-critical: to take 5 goals, it’s not possible for this club. It’s even almost shameful”, admits Hanche -Olsen.


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