The goalkeeper of Pisa Loria is positive for Covid-19

The goalkeeper of Pisa Loria is positive for Covid-19

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Pisa, 18 October 2020 – It had to be a quiet Sunday in the Pisa home, with the only thought of Pisa-Monza on the horizon, in order to regain concentration after the Salerno blow. Instead, bad news arrived, that of Leonardo Loria’s positivity to Covid-19. To speak is the same Nerazzurri club through a note: “Leonardo Loria, after the retirement phase with the Under 21 national team, underwent an individual control swab and tested positive for Covid-19”. Loria, as the Nerazzurri club further reveals, fortunately shows no symptoms: “The player, who appears to be asymptomatic, was therefore unable to join the Nerazzurri squad group and was immediately subjected to the preventive measures prescribed by the health regulations in force.” The Nerazzurri have taken all the steps required by the medical protocol with great seriousness. A long absence is looming for the second Nerazzurri goalkeeper. Most likely the infection took place inside the blue caravan, in the withdrawal of the Under 21 team which led to the positivity of as many as 9 members of the group, 10 after the last positivity found by Loria a few days late. The event had forced, in an emergency, the leaders of the FIGC first to convene a hybrid ‘national reserve’ between under 20 and 21, then to deploy it to replace the one isolated due to Covid-19 leading to the debut in blue Samuele Birindelli. The other player of Pisa called up in the under-21 national team Marco Varnier, on the other hand, is not positive after the last control buffer and, together with Marius Marin, returning from the adventure with Romania Under 21 which had the positivity inside of Fiorentina Munteanu’s Primavera, they were able to join the group again and will be available to Luca D’Angelo for Tuesday night’s match at the Garibaldi Arena, when Pisa will face the fearsome Monza, which Covid-19 has literally decimated. This championship is proving to be increasingly uncertain, but not for sporting merits or demerits, but because of this virus, with more and more cases of positivity to Covid-19. For the moment this season was not born under a lucky star, in every sense.

Michele Bufalino


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