The golden boys betrayed the passwords!

The golden boys betrayed the passwords!

The golden boys betrayed the passwords!

The golden boys betrayed the passwords!

It was revealed that former police chiefs Cemil Ceylan and Hüsrev Salmanerin, who were caught in the cell house where they were hiding, made their names and surnames for the ByLock program, which they denied using, as well as their country’s license plate code and their starting date as “username” and “password”.

According to the information obtained by the AA reporter, Ceylan and Salmaner, who are described as the “golden generation” by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), were investigated by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2017 for “attempting to violate the constitutional order” and “being an armed terrorist organization manager”.

FETO fugitives, who could not be found at their addresses at that time, were caught in the cell house in Etimesgut on October 8, after 3 years as a result of the physical and technical follow-up of the police.

In their statements by the police and prosecutor’s office, the two suspects claimed that they were not a member of FETÖ and that they did not use the organization’s communication programs, especially ByLock.

However, the ByLock analysis report included in the investigation file denied the former first class police chiefs.

According to the report, Ceylan and Salmaner preferred their own name, surname and the plate code of their country, the starting date and the names of their places of duty for the ByLock username and password.

Suspect Ceylan activated his 160454 ID ByLock account on August 26, 2014.

Ceylan, who determined his username as “karahisar03” inspired by his hometown Afyonkarahisar and license plate code, created the password “incek2014” using the name of Incek district of Ankaran where he resided at that time.

According to HTS base station and internet traffic data, Gazelle used ByLock, Afyonkarahisar and Denizli, as well as Ankara, were among the cities.

It was determined that Gazelle was in her hometown of Afyonkarahisar to use her annual leave on 8-17 October 2014, on which the phone was based, and she also went to Denizli where her husband’s family was.

In Ceylan’s ByLock correspondence group, former police chiefs Cihangir Çelik, Lokman Kırcılı, Halit Turgut Yıldız, Kadir Ay, Ertan Yavaş, Selçuk Kızılay, İsmail Baş, Çetin Çelik and Fazlı Öcal took part in the correspondence group of FETÖ.

Claiming that he did not communicate with the aforementioned names over ByLock in his statement, Ceylan said, “These interviews are made entirely by normal phone calls.” said.


Suspect Hüsrev Salmaner also used two ByLock accounts with ID numbers “119021” and “122730” to contact members of the organization.

Salmaner, who preferred the username “husrev87”, created the password “h878787 @” by using the initial letter of his name and the year of his employment, 1987.

Claiming that he did not use the program in question in his statement, Salmaner said, “I have never used ByLock. The user name is not mine. If I used the program, I would use a mixed password. Probably because my name is mentioned everywhere, I think that someone who took advantage of the technology did.” made his defense.

They were retired before the coup attempt

After Cemil Ceylan served as Kilis and Edirne Provincial Police Headquarters, he was appointed to the Strategy Development Department of the General Directorate of Security.

Hüsrev Salmaner also served as Artvin Provincial Police Director between 2011-2014.

The two suspects were among the 1776 police chiefs who were ex officio retired with the decree issued in 2015. After the coup attempt, the ranks of Ceylan and Salmanerin were regained.

It was revealed that Ceylan and Salmanerin were coded as “A5” in the digital documents seized during the investigation into the confidential structure of FETÖ, and this was used for those who have the highest level of loyalty and loyalty to the organization.


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