The Government approves the new regulations to lower the price of tuition

The Government approves the new regulations to lower the price of tuition

For a few days, there is a new regulation for lower the price of tuition published in the BOE of October 6 and that modifies Royal Decree 2822/1998 which, for more than 20 years, has regulated the approval and commercialization of plates.

The new instruction does not have a direct impact on the end user, but it does simplify the requirements for the commercialization of number plates intended for motor vehicles and trailers, and for their commissioning. It should be remembered that the status of the plate and its visibility is of the things they watch on ITV, so sometimes you have to buy them several times for a car throughout its useful life.

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The main implication for drivers is that license plates will drop in price, or they should. This is because the prior administrative authorization of each model is eliminated. Yes, there are many, although the common user can only (we can) distinguish between an aluminum and an acrylic plate.

It is estimated that, with the new regulations to lower the price of registration, the estimated savings for users will range from 50 cents to one euro. The Spanish plate market is around 3 million units per year.

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This modification also regulates the liability regime of manufacturers and other economic agents in terms of compliance with their specifications. These are collected in the General Vehicle Regulations and include the non-discoloration of the plate in the rain, or the durability of the same, among others.

The driver is not affected by these changes, although now he can save up to one euro of the between 20 and 50 euros that it costs a license plate. It is important to remember that, for all intents and purposes, a car license plate It is like an official document, so painting or altering it carries significant fines, which can amount to up to 6,000 euros.


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