The great ravages of the pandemic at the mental level

The great ravages of the pandemic at the mental level

pandemic mental health

pandemic mental health

The first symptoms

“The negative psychological effects that have affected our mental health due to the pandemic, we can summarize them in the loss of control over our own emotional stability, the uncertainty to which we are still subjected today, and the feeling of vulnerability of our physical integrity “, he explains on the occasion of the celebration today of World Mental Health Day.

  • Ask for professional help, they are the best tools they can offer you
  • Trust the people who love you and surround you, the closer the better, to feel more secure.
  • Do activities that clear you up, make you smile, make you happy. Play console? Read? Paint? Take a walk? Whatever you feel makes you feel better for at least a little while.
  • If you can’t handle the news, get away from it little by little. Disconnect from reality either, but take the information as a dose.
  • Worry about what you can control, if you live with your partner, if you live with your children, their routines, the daily shopping …
  • Call and worry about others, for those who love you, for those you love.
  • It is possible that you are far from your loved ones but it is still time to expand your circle with a closer environment, neighbors, co-workers, parents and mothers from school …

Psychology and online therapy in Spain in the era of Covid19: the data

Psychological therapies in general have seen a rebound in the last seven months. Confinements, loss of family, pressure on essential jobs and all kinds of ssituations derived from the pandemic have had a negative impact on our mental health.

The online psychologist platform ifeel (During the months in which the state of alarm was in force in Spain, it opened its platform free of charge to all those users who needed psychological therapy), has prepared a study from a sample of 200,000 psychological consultations to determine which have been the most increased during the pandemic months.

The report Psychology and online therapy in Spain in the era of Covid19 has determined that, by disorder, anxiety is the problem that has been detected the most. In this sense, The therapies given to try to alleviate it have increased by 168.63% from the start of the alarm state. This report also reveals that consultations to treat grief have also experienced a strong rebound, reaching 135.75%.

Behind the consultations to treat anxiety and grief, appear those focused on ade develop social skills, such as assertiveness, communication, empathy, active listening, negotiation or the ability to communicate feelings, which have increased by 93.4%.

The consultations for depression have registered a 80.94% rise, while couples therapies have also been increased, 65.97%, as a result of the intense coexistence. In total, the number of inquiries has increased by 98.18%.

Almost 60% of the users who consulted through mobile devices had not done so in person before, that is, It was her first time at the psychologist.


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