The group of experts explained the reasons in a letter

The group of experts explained the reasons in a letter

In many countries, restrictive measures against the Covid-19 with the aim of obtaining theherd immunity. It is a policy that healthy people should become infected in order to develop antibodies, while elderly or sick people should be safeguarded. However, this presents significant risks. These were illustrated by some experts in a letter.


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Covid, Trump and herd immunity: “Protect only the vulnerable”

The letter on herd immunity

The open letter, written by a group of 80 doctors, biologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and health policy experts, is called John Snow Memorandum, was published in the magazine The Lancet. The gist of the long speech is clear: theherd immunity it is not the best way to counter the Covid-19.

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  • Medicine entrance test, Tortorella (Consulcesi): “Unreliable. You need selection at the university
    Medicine entrance test, Tortorella (Consulcesi): “Unreliable. You need selection at the university “
    (Agenzia Vista) Rome, October 15 Medicine entrance test, Tortorella (Consulcesi): “Unreliable. We need selection at the university “” The access system to the medical faculties with limited numbers has shown shortcomings and unreliability. We should go back to the right locations for the selection, that is to universities. It is necessary to give the possibility to those who want to enroll in Medicine or Dentistry to enroll in the faculty. The selection process must be done during the studies. An academic system is also necessary that adapts to the needs of doctors in the National Health Service ”are the words of the lawyer Marco Tortorella of Consulcesi. Source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev

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  • A moment of the ceremony for the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
    Nobel Prize for Medicine to discover the hepatitis C virus: three virologists awarded
    Awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2020 to three virologists. US scientists Harvey J. Alter (National Institute of Health) and Charles M. Rice (Rockefeller University, New York) and their British colleague Michael Houghton (University of Alberta, Canada) have been awarded for the discovery of the hepatitis virus C. Announcing the award in Stockholm on Monday, the Nobel Committee – led by Secretary Thomas Perlmann – highlighted that the work of the three scientists helped explain “scientifically” an important source of blood-borne hepatitis, which could not be explained by the hepatitis A and B viruses. “Their work makes blood tests and new drugs possible that have saved millions of lives”, wrote the committee in the motivation for the Nobel Prize. “Thanks to their discovery, highly sensitive blood tests for the virus are now available, which have essentially eliminated post-transfusion hepatitis in many parts of the world, greatly improving global health.”, the committee explains. “Their discovery also allowed for the rapid development of antiviral drugs targeting hepatitis C”, motivated the Nobel Prize committee. “For the first time in history, the disease can now be cured, sparking hope of eradicating the hepatitis C virus from the world’s population”. Who are the three virologists In the late 1970s, 85-year-old Harvey Alter had identified a mysterious hepatitis contamination during transfusions, when it was neither hepatitis A nor hepatitis B. Years later, in 1989, to Michael Houghton and his team are credited with discovering the genetic sequence of the virus. Charles Rice, 68, spent many years unraveling how the virus replicated, work that led to a revolutionary new treatment in the early 1920s, the “sofosbuvir”. The award is the first directly linked to a virus after the 2008 award awarded to French AIDS discoverers, François Barré-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier, and to a pioneer of papillomaviruses, the German Harald zur Hausen. From a first prize – for chemistry – to two virologists in 1946, this Nobel Prize joins the 17 Nobel Prizes directly or indirectly linked to work on viruses. Two more Americans and one Briton Last year, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Americans William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza and British Peter Ratcliffe. They had discovered, starting in the 1990s, how cells throughout the body detect and adapt to different levels of oxygen. The first therapeutic applications came to light in the mid-2000s, in particular against cancer. 70 million cases of hepatitis worldwide The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are over 70 million cases of hepatitis worldwide and 400,000 deaths each year. The disease is chronic and is a major cause of liver inflammation and cancer. The Nobel Prize is accompanied by a gold medal and a cash prize of 10 million Swedish kronor (over $ 1,118,000), thanks to a 124-year-old bequest bequeathed by the creator of the prize, the inventor Swedish Alfred Nobel. Special significance The Nobel Prize for Medicine has special significance this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which highlighted the importance that medical research has for societies and economies around the world. The Nobel Prize in Medicine is the first of six to be announced until 12 October. The other prizes will be awarded in the fields of physics, chemistry, literature, peace and economics.

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  • Lorenzin: "I tested positive for Coronavirus, thanks to doctors and nurses sure that I will win"
    Lorenzin: “I tested positive for Coronavirus, thanks to doctors and nurses sure that I will win”
    (Vista Agency) Rome, 05 October 2020 Lorenzin: “I tested positive for Coronavirus, thanks to doctors and nurses sure that I will win” Beatrice Lorenzin tested positive for Coronavirus, the same deputy Pd, former Minister of Health, announced in a video posted on twitter: “”Hello everyone, unfortunately I tested positive at Covid, I have a little fever and sore throat but the other functions are under monitoring and the situation is calm. I begin the treatments. Thanks to the help of doctors and nurses I am sure I will win. This virus is really a beast if I, who are particularly careful, have been infected. Being infected is really easier than we think, we all pay special attention and a hug to everyone”. Twitter Lorenzin Source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev

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Pursue herd immunity – it is read – It would be a dangerous mistake e immoral. It is a fallacious and costly process in terms of human and economic lives and would not stop the virus, which would return several times to new waves repeated. In fact, there is increasing evidence that post-infection immunity to Sars-CoV-2 lasts only a few months from infection, then disappears and the risk of reinfection is not remote.

Proponents of this system suggest that this will ultimately protect the vulnerable. This is a dangerous mistake not supported by scientific evidence. Any pandemic management strategy based on natural infection immunity for Covid-19 is defective. In addition to human cost this would impact the workforce as a whole and overwhelm the capacity of health systems to provide intensive and routine care. Such a strategy would not end the pandemic but would result in recurring epidemics, as in the case of numerous infectious diseases before the advent of vaccination“.

The various countries, according to experts, should instead continue to implement restrictive measures and possibly new lockdowns. Only by countering the spread of infections, in fact, is it possible to counteract the Covid-19 before a vaccine is found.

The transmission – go on – can be mitigated through the physical distancing, the use of protection devices for the face, thehygiene hands and airways, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. Also test quick, tracking of contacts e isolation positives are fundamental aspects for controlling the transmission. L’WHO has supported these measures since the start of the pandemic. THE lockdownwhile they have had a destructive impact on mental and physical health and damaged the economy, they have so far been the only solution.

It is not clear how long the protective immunity lasts and how others coronavirus seasonal, Sars-Cov-2 is able to reinfect people who have already had the disease. There uncontrolled transmission in young people – conclude – risks leading to a major spread of the virus with a mortality throughout the population“.

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