The health danger of stopping playing sports during the pandemic

The health danger of stopping playing sports during the pandemic

fitness pandemia

fitness pandemia

The study COVID-19 Impact on Sports Facilities indicates that 56% of CEOs of fitness centers Respondents consider that they could begin to recover the billing levels of 2019 from the third quarter of 2021. Likewise, 84% of the centers worsen their forecasts compared to May, and only the remaining 16% maintain them.

These figures indicate that the current context is putting the survival of a sector at risk which adds more than 214,000 jobs and has more than 4,700 sports centers in our country and acts as a parallel engine for other industries.

One more health hazard

“The situation is dramatic and if it continues like this, 44% of our companies will be forced to close,” says Alberto García Chápuli, manager of FNEID. “We request the support that the services we provide deserve, let’s not forget that wee are an essential sector for health, which promotes physical activity and strengthens the immune system, so important for face this virus”, He adds with good reason.

This is reflected in the manifesto made by the Spain Activa Foundation, in which it is evidenced the importance of sport in relation to COVID-19, both in prevention and in the recovery of affected people. Through this study, the entity requests the recognition of the active and positive contribution of sports centers as an integral and fundamental instrument for the protection of the population against the pandemic, as well as the need to keep them operational and accessible during this crisis.

“That many companies in our sector are in danger of disappearing is not a sector problem, it is a problem for the whole of society. The services we provide are essential for people’s health. Encouraging the population to come to our facilities for physical activity is to promote a sustainable, healthy, productive and happy society, which will be more prepared to face day-to-day and even health problems such as COVID-19 “, García Chápuli says.

Safe centers: only one outbreak in Spain in June

Similarly, sports facilities value their responsibility and the fact of having been pioneers in developing an efficient protocol of measures and action against Covid-19, since since the restart of their activity, In June, only one outbreak was detected in our country linked to sports centers among the millions of services that have been provided in the 4,700 facilities, which is the best proof that gyms and sports centers are safe places.

“All our centers strictly follow the recommendations of the health authorities to guarantee the maximum safety of users and workers and allow extraordinary traceability that no other sector offers, which facilitates rapid action. The measures and restrictions must be in accordance with the real risks of each sector of activity, which in our case are practically non-existent with the appropriate precautions, as demonstrated by these three months that we have been in business. For us, health has always been a priority, that is why it is essential to guarantee the survival of the sector and, in this way, guarantee the health of millions of people”, Explains García Chápuli.

How Physical Exercise Helps Coronavirus Patients

After such intense processes on a physical level, the body needs to recover, especially on a muscular level. If a patient has been hospitalized for several weeks, muscle mass is strongly compromised. Learn to walk, to get up, to move In short, they are some of the tasks that are so simple, they become impossible. The coronavirus has left many people re-learning to walk. Y it is the sporting activity of physios and rehabilitators that helps them.

Have a greater respiratory capacity, increase lung capacity, you can train, you can improve exercise. And it is key to the recovery of many patients who have gone through a bilateral pneumonia.

Go for a walk, outdoors, for a walk … allows the mobility of the whole body, activates the body, vitamin D is absorbed, the blood moves, injuries with movement recover earlier, the immune system is strengthened … Something as simple as going for a walk is key to our organism. There are many people who may be afraid of the virus, and it is normal, that’s why gyms and sports centers fulfill such an elementary function. They take care of our health, physical and mental. Feeling good physically is being good mentally.


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