the ideal fantasy of each sign

the ideal fantasy of each sign

One of the most fun days of the year is coming, if you dress up and meet friends, it’s the grace of Halloween and, even in a period of pandemic and social distance, you can still combine that video call with friends, choose a themed playlist , good food and dressing up to escape the routine.

See how each sign chooses its fantasies - Credit: Photo by Thirdman / Pexels.

© Provided by João Bidu
See how each sign chooses its fantasies – Credit: Photo by Thirdman / Pexels.

Celebrating October 31 is a great opportunity to relax and exercise creativity! And, to get in the mood, we’ll show you ideas of fantasies that match the most striking characteristics of each sign.

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The Aries always choose their costume wishing it to be the most daring and creative of the party. For them, nothing basic, but, as they are, they will not have the patience to make something, so they end up buying one last minute always.


Taureans, even choosing the most comfortable and traditional costume, always arrive impeccable. Boldness in choosing the theme is not so important for this sign, but the children of Venus will cherish a fantasy that highlights their beauty.


For this sociable and cheerful sign, the important thing is to embody the fantasy character and interact with everyone at the party. The funnier and more witty the better for the Gemini.


Cancerians will always prefer a fantasy of a character who has a lot of affection and will prepare everything themselves with a lot of affection. Woe to those who do not praise the effort of the person of this sign …


No very funny or terrifying fantasies. The lion only uses what makes him well and draws attention to his beauty. Sparkles, flashy makeup, rich details in costumes and beautiful accessories will be essential for them. The whim will not be for nothing, if it is not to gain attention biscuit, he doesn’t even do it.


If the Halloween party has a costume contest, you can be sure: a Virgo will win. This extremely organized and perfectionist sign starts planning all the details in advance and does not spare any effort to do so with a single objective: to be the best.


After a long time deciding whether or not to go to the party, the Libra takes even longer to decide his fantasy. In the last second he chooses something very cliché like police, pirate, angel or something and, in the end, he is not satisfied with the result.


This sign loves the opportunity to wear a costume. And of course, he will always be the most mysterious, mystical and seductive of the party regardless of what costume he is wearing. Your choice is based on enhancing your power of seduction and mystery, something that allows you to show your legs and back.


For the Sagittarius, he doesn’t have a bad day to dress up, he uses what has a house to set up his costume, improvises some details and there he is with the costume ready! They will always give preference to comfort and do not waste a lot of time thinking about what to wear, because the party is what matters to him.


Capricorns may not be very interested in a creative or flashy fantasy. In fact, he may as well go dressed as “himself” or just with an accessory. Kicking high, they can even choose one or the other character who wears normal clothes and make some references, always choose something very subtle and discreet.


The Aquarian costume may not be the most neat, the most expensive or the sexiest, but it will always be the most creative. This sign does not hesitate to create the most unexpected and innovative possibilities. Do you know the new meme that just came out? You can bet the Aquarian will find a way to use it.


The fantasy itself does not matter, what really counts for this sign is to transform the event into a special occasion with friends and partner. If you need help getting ready, you can count on Pisceans. Fantasies together are great for them.



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